What is an Emerald Cut Diamond | Eternity Band & Emerald Cut Diamond?

The Emerald cut diamond is one of the first and oldest cuts of diamonds and other precious stones. The name of this cut derives from the Emerald gemstone. Then, these stones were cut into triangular shape to retain as much of the gem as possible from the original, uncut gem. Even with a history over 500 years old, Emeralds still are very vulnerable and often difficult to service. Even to this day, people still search for a way to clean the stone without destroying it.

Developing the Emerald Cut Diamond

 The Emerald Cut became quite prominent in the Art Deco period from 1920 to 1939. At the time, jewelers began to add more and more facets to this already beautiful gem. In 1940, the new cut of the emerald obtained its present shape. Currently, this diamond cut is mostly meant to accentuate how perfect the stone is and what a stunning hue it has. The cut leaves no room for imperfection as the reflection within the block makes imperfections more glaring.

In order to improve stability and avoid fractures, the corners of the Emerald Cut Diamond are usually trimmed

Emerald Cut Diamond Band

The Dimensions of the Emerald Cut Diamond

The most common ratio of the shape of the emerald is 1:5, which makes the stone rectangular. This ratio is very typical in green emerald stone rings, but is also found in the white diamond form. This form is popular as it tends to make women's fingers seem longer and more graceful when placed on a ring. The general shape of the cut is near identical to the normal form of the uncut diamond, giving it a higher yield when cutting a rough stone into an emerald cut. Because of this, making a stone into an Emerald-Cut is very cost efficient and affordable.

Emerald Cut Halfway Eternity Band

Clarity of Emerald Cut Diamond

The Emerald Cut Diamond ensures deep clarity and a wide surface layer. Thanks to its long step cuts, the diamond provides ample reflections of both white and colored light. Emerald Cuts are more popular in the rectangle form but are also found in the square ratios.

A common alternative for those who want a bigger stone with an affordable price point, Emerald Cut Diamonds typically look bigger than other shaped diamonds of the same carat weight.

The pavilion portion, which has rectangular facets, is what gives the Emerald diamond shape its shine. Each long step establishes the finest optical appearance in the stone. Due to its large open table, the shape of the emerald emphasizes the purity of the diamond, meaning that higher quality stones are generally required when making an Emerald-Cut stone. If you do go with an Emerald Cut, check its rating, especially its clarity. 

                                    Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

                            Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Bowtie Effect

As in other diamond cuts, the "bowtie" effect exists in Emerald cuts. When the polisher puts the facets incorrectly, the light does not appear in the right direction. You're going to end up with black spots in the stone resembling a bowtie. While a bowtie is simply an error in an emerald, and takes away from the natural shimmer of a diamond. While searching for an Emerald cut, we suggest looking for stones with a minimal Bowtie effect.

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