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  • Top 5 Eternity Bands For Your 25th Anniversary

    Apr 14, 2021 . views (7)

    25 years of marriage, countless fights, limitless love, everlasting passion, and irreplaceable understanding- well, that's what made this long journey easier. We are sure that it's much more adventurous as you grow up together. The 25th year of your marriage or silver jubilee feels like a milestone; a milestone for creating magic, creating love, and giving the world a new definition of love. So kudos and congratulations to all the couples, who made this possible. Yes! you have made it. A special day, a special dinner, or lunch with a special person. What more could you ask for? Wait! We think...

    Diamond Jewelry Trends for Summer 2021

    Apr 2, 2021 . views (35)

    Summer is arriving with a bunch of happiness, celebration and festivals. Special days always call for something special for adornment. This summer season you all must be looking for something trendy; either you want to be a part of the trend or you want to create a new trend for everyone to follow. The whole world is right now changing and adapting new things, and obviously jewelry is not an exception. While in summer 2020, chunky chains and beaded jewelry made a dominant presence on the runway, this year it will be all about a modern and sleek approach, but there will be obvious experiments ...

    How to Choose a Diamond Ring to Suit Your Hand ? : A Comprehensive Guide

    Mar 9, 2021 . views (43)

    Every person has an expressive and a dominant personality. The expressive personality explicates through behavior, tone, and pitch of voice, lifestyle, etc. and the dominant persona is generally hidden, but could be detected through several factors like body language. This might be a little surprising but our body language plays a crucial purpose to proliferate our personality.For example, our hands and fingers are very telling of one’s personality. If you believe in the authenticity of palmistry different types of hands indicate one’s basic characteristics, traits, body language, attitude, an...

    6 Awesome Jewelry Gift Ideas For Wife, For New year Party

    Mar 8, 2021 . views (69)

    No doubt that 2020 was a tiring year and now is the time, when Santa arrives in the town with a bag of surprises and happiness. The New Year and Christmas bashes are like stress-buster for all of us. The joyous and pleasant circumstances, the playful chirps of children create a magical bliss for all of us. As this year was especially mundane to handle, so it gives you a boost to celebrate life.But all the party bashes come with lots of confusion. Along with the party planning, there is a huge episode that goes on behind the curtain about choosing the perfect gift. We all know there is a huge o...

    How Do I Choose a Perfect Jewelry Gift for Mom

    Mar 8, 2021 . views (56)

    “Mom”- the shortest and the most meaningful word in the dictionary. It is often said that a mother is a child’s first friend, best friend, and forever friend. Mothers are the anchors of the stormy sea of your life. Be it scolding you or pampering moms always strike a balance in your life.So what should you exactly give to your first and special friend, and that too when your friend is already god-gifted with lots of love and affection ? If you can get your mother’s choice at a time then you are one of the lucky charms. But for most people, there is a wide sea to swim around amongst huge waves ...

    Diamond Friendship Bracelets for Women

    Feb 3, 2021 . views (110)

    The term Friendship has its origin in German and it is also found in old English where it was popular as “frond”, which means to love or to like. Friendship is not just a valuable bond, it’s the happiness restorer of our lives. We humans are social animals, we live to enjoy, to celebrate, and our friends become the life of the celebrations. Even in difficult times for any help, we tend to seek a warm hug from our dearest friends. Though people have different connotations for friendship, when it comes to seeking a partner in crime, we tend to ring on our bestie.A relationship, which is so speci...

    5 Stunning Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

    Jan 28, 2021 . views (117)

    Moms- The first friend, philosopher and guide in your life. Believe it or not, but your mother must be the most patient and bothered in your house. May it be your academics, athletics or arts your mother comes with the most sorted solutions. From helping us see the light of the world, to navigate us to the right path and to hugging us at difficult times, Moms are nothing less than a powerful goddess. This Mothers’ day celebrates every version of your friend and embraces her unconditional love with some exceptional gifts.Though any gift in this world is not enough to honour Mothers, an exquisit...

    6 Jewelry Gift Ideas For Any Special Occasion

    Jan 27, 2021 . views (129)

    The most important phases of our lives, like marriage, childbirth, anniversary, and engagement are beautified and enhanced with some remarkable and precious jewelry. A jewelry gift is something that can last forever and ultimately becomes a symbol of an heirloom. If we search the pages of history our ancestors have left a tangible link to the culture and heritage through precious gemstones and jewelry.As an example: we take a quick flashback to the earlier human civilizations, we can witness all the upper clans of the society like royal families had a knack for fashionable and heavy beaded jew...

    Top 5 Eternity Bands For Your 25th Anniversary


    Apr 14, 2021

    Diamond Jewelry Trends for Summer 2021


    Apr 2, 2021

    How to Choose a Diamond Ring to Suit Your Hand ? : A Comprehensive Guide


    Mar 9, 2021

    6 Awesome Jewelry Gift Ideas For Wife, For New year Party


    Mar 8, 2021

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