What is a Halo Engagement Ring?

When you start the time-honoured cycle of purchasing an engagement ring, one of the first styles you’ll notice is the beautiful halo style engagement ring — it's been one of the most popular styles in recent years. It is so popular to the extent where some jewelers and fashion analysts term it the “halo craze”. The halo ring, which involves a halo of smaller stones surrounding the solitaire like a halo. These rings have been seen in two of the biggest celebrity weddings in 2019. It was noted by reporters that Lady Gaga’s brand-new engagement ring is a diamond halo in Sapphire while Nick Jonas proposed to Priyanka Chopra with a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by smaller other baguette stones."

The halo ring design offers a whole range of choices to create large diamond looks, as well as ways to customize and modify your engagement ring.

Halo rings are great for those who are attracted to the modern and new designs championed by celebrities and royalties, as well as those who want to make a huge statement with a smaller budget.

It has become a tradition to propose engagement rings, and over the decades, these rings have shown themselves to be more than just jewelry. They are a pledge of everlasting love, affection, and care and choosing the best ring-style marriage proves that you've invested a lot of time, consideration and concern into the proposal.

The halo engagement ring is now among the most popular and stunning styles.

Halo engagement rings offer a lot of beauty for a smaller price, as the smaller diamonds can complement the solitaire’s beauty without breaking the bank. If you’ve gotten some hints from your significant other or a suggestion from a friend who owns a stunning halo, here is a simple guide to what counts as a halo engagement ring, the characteristics and advantages of a halo and how to pick the right one

Halo Engagement Ring

More about Halo Engagement Ring:

A halo ring is a form of setting in which a diamond is encircled by a circular pavé ring (pronounced pah-vay) or diamonds of micro-pavé. In French, it means "to pave,". Translated to jewelry, the term refers to a series of tiny gemstones put closely together, forming a spectacular field of brilliance and sparkle around a singular gem.

The halo ring is a compilation of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds (or faceted gemstones) surrounding a center gemstone. These pavé stones shine with light and bring your focus back to the middle stone to create interest and attract the attention of people to the ring.

In a halo ring or a halo engagement ring, a higher-carat diamond in the middle looks massive, since the pavé lends its shine and brilliance to that stone. This effectively gives halo rings a better bang for your dollar, no matter what the size.

Halo diamond ring

Benefits of using a Halo diamond ring:

1. It makes the centerpiece looks bigger

2. Easily available and budget friendly

3. Wearable with any kind of dresses

4. Creates an intense sparkle

5. Smaller stones tend to loosen soon, but the halo setting is traditional and strong enough for a long run

6. The surrounding stones enhance the beauty of the centrepiece

7. Contains a fluid and translucent vibe

Halo engagement ring options

There are several various versions and space for modification when it comes to halo rings. The halo around the center stone may constitute any form, including an oval, square, or diamond. The band can be composed of any color gold or platinum and may meet the center stone in a straight, twisted or double-ringed pattern.

By picking your chosen diamond design for the center stone, you can customize your halo ring accordingly. There is plenty of variety for this type of ring with that feature alone, from cushion cut halo engagement rings to the traditional circular halo engagement rings. Oval engagement rings with a halo and pear-shaped halo engagement rings are also common ring types. Even with these excellent choices, there are also a couple of other types of halo rings that you may want to consider. The following are ways to customize and modify a halo engagement ring.

Oval engagement ring

Plain halo engagement ring

Millions of ring shoppers realize that they can’t go wrong with the classic. That is just what this design is all about. In this stunning piece, an exquisitely painted band extends softly up to the diamond and its halo, making sure all the spotlight goes to the central stone. For example, our specially made round diamond halo engagement ring. It is simple, minimalistic and classy. If you are trying to create some extraordinary impact without breaking off the comfort zone go for this jaw-dropping white gold round diamond halo engagement ring. This diamond halo ring features a single stone with a diamond embellished outline and it is available in rose, white and yellow gold.

                                   Plain halo engagement ring

If you wanna explore several types of diamond cuts then, you can opt for this oval diamond dainty setting engagement ring. This dainty diamond engagement ring features an oval cut diamond that surrounds a melee studded with a small lustrous diamond.

                               oval diamond dainty setting engagement ring

Going a little extravagant on your special day is everyone’s guilty pleasure. This three stone oval halo engagement ring features 3 oval diamonds connected vertically with each other. Each stone is surrounded by small diamonds and this secure halo setting will make you worry-free about your beloved stones.
                                     three stone oval halo engagement ring


This incredibly gorgeous 18k gold halo marquise gold diamond ring comes with an excellent look coupled with a sturdy form factor. The boat-shaped larger-than-life stone at the center surrounded by tiny diamonds produces magnificent reflections ensuring you embrace an enriched glamor. Besides, the shape of the ring helps your finger to look slimmer and slender. This ring is available in three different color options: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.                            

Double halo engagement ring

This type of halo engagement ring is on that side of the spectrum for those who believe “more is more”. The double halo is a great way to emulate the feeling of a large stone, as it has the same sparkle while costing much less. Because the single halo will render the diamond look a half-carat larger, a pair will render the diamond to look a whole carat larger.

The Center Stone of Halo Engagement Ring

This may be a colorless or decorative diamond or any other valuable gemstone (Tanzanite and Sapphire are top choices). To anyone with a budget, you should do a cluster of tiny or pavé diamonds, instead of a central gem. You may end up a single big stone with the same carat weight, at a much lower price.

Center Stone Cut of Halo Engagement Ring

The circular and princess-cut center stones are classics, but oval, emerald, pear, and marquise diamonds can appear in a halo engagement ring. The designs of these halos work around the natural shape of the stones, as the pointed edges from pears and marquises are usually more softened when they are "wrapped" in a matching halo. Radiant cuts, matching the exquisite emerald form with a round's sparkling brightness, will also give you the extra oomph you are searching for.

Pave of Halo Engagement Ring

Selecting contrasting Pavé gemstones will add a custom look to your band. Examples may be as mild or extravagant as you like. From gemstone to color to shape, there are many different options to pave your center stone. Some beautiful pavé solutions involve the sapphires and rubies that accompany a colorless diamond or even the reverse: colorless diamonds circling the central stone of a bright, vivid-yellow diamond.

Shank of Halo Engagement Ring

To Pavé , or not Pavé? An unpaved shank provides a smoother, simplified appearance as the shank’s form and thickness will contribute to the final style. If you like further bling then paving the shank to get a better shine.

A suggestion — after circling the whole shank it becomes difficult to resize. A shank that is even but not completely paved helps the jeweler to break and remove the metal at a later point if necessary.

Choice in Metal

White gold or platinum is the traditional option for a halo engagement ring. Yet when you search the halo choices you can discover an ideal complement is a yellow gold. Yellow gold is a better alternative for diamonds with any color in them, as it downplays the shimmer relative to its white counterpart. Two-tone settings are also a worthy alternative. Another option is rose gold, which is becoming ever more common as a ring metal for marriage as it offers a retro look, with its smooth, pinkish color intensifying various gemstones.

So these were some suggestions that Sabrina A. Inc, has specially categorised for halo lovers. To browse the variety of diamond rings don’t forget to visit our official website.