What is a Baguette Diamond Cut?

Have you discovered the baguette diamond cut? The baguette word is a French word and this word means a loaf of bread just like the rectangular baguette. Interestingly, the baguette diamonds have elongated shapes and are not similar to the regular shapes of the diamonds. It is more beautiful than you think because it comes with the display of contemporary and vintage features together in the sparkle of the diamonds. Understanding the bigger picture, the baguette diamond cut rings are one of those underrated diamond cuts in the family of step-cut diamonds. But, here you will find many reasons to wear them on your special occasions.

The baguette diamond cuts are usually small, in a rectangular shape, and step-cut diamonds in tapered edges. The baguette cut diamond has 14 facets arranged to display extra sparkle. This specific shape belongs to the step-cut family that includes emerald cut, asscher cut diamond, etc. Let us understand the structural details of the baguette diamonds, which are long and slender, while sometimes overlooked in design. The length and the breadth ratio is 5:1, and sometimes even more according to what you want.

There are some variations in the baguette diamond cut; the first one is the square baguettes and another one is the tapered baguettes. The tapered baguettes are basically towards the long sides inwards and step-cut facets on the crown and the square baguettes are equally cut throughout.

For exceptional beauty, multiple diamond baguettes give a magnificent match to the rings or the necklaces. Usually, the ballerina setting involves multiple diamond cuts on the jewelry. Further, the baguette cut diamonds must be in a similar set in color and clarity with the center diamond equivalent.

History of Baguette Diamond Cut

In the early 20th century, between the 1920s and 1930s, the baguette diamond cut came into existence. During the Art Deco period, the baguette diamond cut was included in the stone. That is why, we observe that in the jewelry collection of that period, baguette diamonds are never missed out.

The reason for the baguette diamonds getting fame is the boring round diamond shapes which were too stagnant in the mainstream of the diamond cut creativity. Without doubt, the Baguette Diamond Cuts were characterized in geometric and line forms which made it a unique creation of the era and predominantly famous in the higher class.

Facts about Baguette Diamond Cut

1. Cut matters the most

Similar to any other diamond cut, the quality of the baguette diamond cut depends on the 4C’s and the baguette cut diamonds are lighter than one carat. But in the case of the baguette diamond, the cut matters the most rather than the carat. The refined cut of the diamonds provides a shimmer when the light passes through the facets.

2. More Facets, more greatness

To have a magnificent appearance of the baguette diamond cut, the facets have to be defined perfectly. When the facets of the diamonds are placed perfectly, it gives a splendid sparkle that eventually makes the baguette diamonds more effective and lavish.

3. Size, and Shape

The step cuts of the baguette diamonds are extraordinary and can easily be compared with the shape of tiny stairs. The baguette diamond cut has sharp, smooth and linear edges. As compared to other step-cut diamonds, the baguette diamond focuses on remaining in a rectangular and sleeker design. The baguette diamonds are designed and arranged in a fashion so that it gives a novelty creation, for example, the upside down engagement ring, baguette diamond double band, etc.

4. Diamond Fusion

Generally, the baguette diamond cuts are precise to wear on either the ring or the necklace. The setting of the ring creates an extravagant appearance on the jewelry piece and captures the attention. You can also combine the regular round shaped diamonds with the baguette cut diamonds for a creative experiment of the ring collection just like the baguette and round diamond band. It suits both minimalist and much more styling.

Baguette Diamond Cut Rings and Bands

1. Baguette Diamond Double Band

The double band in the eternity band gives a secure capture of the baguette diamond and the band features one simple coherent rectangular shaped baguette step-cut diamond at the center. The simplicity and utter innocence of the diamond band makes it perfect to wear any day. The diamond baguette bands appear with a smooth finish and the oscillating spark of the diamond. The ring is available in yellow, white, and rose gold colors.

Baguette Diamond Double Band

2. Tapered Baguette Diamond Double Band

The Tapered Baguette Diamond emphasizes daily fashion with elegance. The centre diamond creates a striking glamorous appearance. The rectangular-cut diamond makes the 18k gold band accurate with a modern design. By the end of the ring, it appears thinner and sleeker for comfortable wearing. The tapered baguette wedding band is available in white, yellow, and rose gold color options.

Tapered Wedding Band

3. Upside Down Tapered Baguette Diamond Double Band

Giving a glittering statement to the Baguette Diamond Cut with the Upside Down Tapered Baguette Diamond Band. It is a unique and fantastic arrangement of genius cut diamonds in the 4 tapered settings. The upside down engagement ring will make you in trend and let you enter in the world of fashion. The upside down diamond ring is available in white, yellow, and rose gold colors.

                                 Upside down diamond ring

4. Zig Zag Baguette Eternity Band

The oscillating zig zag baguette eternity band is one of a kind with multiple rectangular diamond arrangements in a zigzag manner which becomes a perfect gift for your loved ones on any special occasion. The baguette eternity band comes in 18k gold of rose, white, and yellow colors.

                                       Baguette Diamond Eternity Band

5. Eternity Baguette and Round Diamond Eternity Band

The row of shimmering diamonds in rectangular step-cut baguette diamonds and round diamonds along with it create a magnificent appearance of the diamond ring. The diamonds are set in straight and sharp edges. These two bands are engraved in brilliant round cut diamonds. With this combination of unique step cut diamonds, this eternity band wins your heart. The baguette and round diamond band is available in white, rose, and yellow gold colors.

                                round and baguette diamond band

Now, it is your turn to choose the best Baguette Diamond band, which will make you look different from the crowd and enhance your beauty and confidence.