Unique Rings for Women | Eternity Rings and Eternity Bands

What is an eternity ring?

Eternity rings are the perfect symbols of everlasting love and commitment. An eternity ring consists of a continuous band of diamonds or gemstones on the circular loop. The loop symbolizes eternal, unending time, while the gemstones represent love.

As one would expect, eternity rings have stood the test of time and are one of the most popular ring designs available on the internet. Due to the symbolism attached, eternity rings make for perfect gifts in modern relationships and are even worn for the aesthetic value alone

Eastwest Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band
   Eastwest Oval Full Eternity Band

What does an eternity ring look like?

Diamond eternity rings made on platinum are extremely popular due to the shiny sparkle of the stones and the durability of the metal. Eternity diamond rings are sure to stand out even when combined with other forms of heavy jewelry. For women looking for subtler options that complement darker colors, the rose gold metal option has proved to be increasingly popular over the past few years.

Diamond eternity rings are the shiniest, most luxurious rings available in the market, and come in a large variety of designs and gem assortment. Eternity rings can be made fully of diamonds or other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, and often have combinations of different stones.

Further, the gemstones are often intricately linked to form stunning designs. At Sabrina A Inc, we offer a large variety of unique eternity rings and bands that are handmade and come with customizations, so that you can find the perfect eternity ring for your loved one!

Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Band

What anniversary do you get an eternity ring?

Eternity rings were first marketed by the diamond firm De Beers to older married women as tokens of appreciation for their long-standing relationships. Traditionally, the sixtieth marriage anniversary was considered the ‘diamond anniversary’, but in recent times eternity rings have become popular with couples of all kinds, even unmarried ones.

Today, they are looked at as tokens of love and commitment, and oftentimes major events such as childbirth and engagements are accompanied with the exchange of eternity rings and bands.

Round Diamond Halo Eternity Band

Round Diamond Halo Eternity Band

Do you have to be married to get an eternity ring?

Perhaps we already spilled the beans on this one, but the fact is that eternity rings and bands are no longer bought only for weddings or engagements. While eternity wedding rings are extremely popular, they are nowadays worn on a variety of occasions, and are often bought just for the high aesthetic value of each piece.

Eternity rings are one of the most beautiful standalone pieces of jewelry in the market, and needless to say to enjoy it one need not necessarily be married. The ring can be enjoyed by people who are unmarried, or even single. The ring doesn’t know, and looks just the same!

The Princess Crown Eternity Ring

What finger does the eternity ring go on?

Like engagement rings and wedding bands, eternity rings are traditionally also worn on the right finger of the left hand. Nowadays, there are different types of women’s eternity rings available in the market, such as the half eternity ring that have only the top half of the ring set with stones or diamonds.

As most couples buy eternity rings and bands to wear besides wedding rings and other jewelry, they are often worn on other fingers. A woman might buy an eternity ring for herself, and in such cases they are worn with complimentary colors and other jewelry. Finally, eternity rings with bigger stones are often worn on the left finger of the right hand, as they tend to look better on their own, rather than when combined with another ring.

In conclusion, while eternity rings are traditionally worn on the pointer finger of the left hand, they have in recent times been used for purposes other than wedding and engagement-related situations. Today, it is common to spot women and men wearing eternity rings on other fingers, with casual, semi-casual, and even formal attire.

Oval Diamond Eternity Band

What does it mean when a woman wears a ring on her middle finger?

While traditionally wearing eternity rings, or any type of ring on the middle finger was a sure way of knowing that the woman was neither engaged nor married, like most traditions, this one had hardly stood its ground. Today eternity rings are no longer only worn by men, and there are often many reasons why a woman might wear it on her middle finger, reasons that have little to do with her relationship status!

A lot of women have large engagement and wedding rings that might clash with the sparkly eternity ring, while a lot of women simply prefer to wear them on their middle fingers so that they are not as exposed. Further, eternity rings are often worn purely because of their inherent beauty, and it is the wearer’s preferences that determine the finger on which they will be worn.

Anyway, it sure seems a better idea to ask the woman about her relationship status, rather than speculating on it on the basis of the finger on which she has worn her ring.

5 Row Round Diamond Band

          5 Row Round Diamond Band (alternative)

How much should you spend on an eternity ring?

Well, as we already said, eternity rings are one of the most luxurious pieces of jewelry in the market, and they are priced accordingly. Half eternity rings are obviously the more affordable option. It is the gemstones on the band that most influence its cost, both because of the high value and the intricate craftsmanship that goes behind every piece.

Further, it is much more difficult to craft full eternity rings as every piece must be made individually, or at best a model mold must be made for all the different sizes. At Sabrina A Inc., we craft every piece individually with utmost care and attention, and have genuinely unique designs that are sure to stand out.

Therefore, while eternity rings can be fairly steeply-priced, they are valued for their sparkly brilliance, and because they act as tokens of everlasting love. Also, buying diamonds is always an investment that must be made after due diligence, and the source must be thoroughly checked beforehand. Hence, eternity rings are worthwhile investments that are often highly valued in relationships.

Zig Zag Baguette Eternity Band

Where should you wear an eternity ring?

Most eternity rings and bands are better suited for special occasions due to the high depth of the shank between the fingers. However, newer designs come with unique stone setting styles where the stones are set in the metal of the shank itself. This allows for more stability in the final product, even if it might be more difficult to set the stones.

Due to this, if you want an eternity ring that can be worn on an everyday basis, thorough research must be done, and the design chosen must not be too bulky. Further, half eternity rings are more comfortable to wear, and also more affordable, because of which they have gained popularity in the last decade or so.

Emerald Diamond Eternity Band

  Emerald Diamond Eternity Band


It is the wearer’s personal tastes and usage preferences that determine the type of ring that would suit him or her best. On one hand, full eternity rings are perhaps the most impressive piece of jewelry that you can gift to your loved one, while half eternity rings are more affordable, and easier to wear.