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Top 3 Stunning Diamond Statement Rings

Statement rings are an essential addition to any ring collection. They give you a chance to express yourself and your style with unlimited freedom easily and stylishly. Wedding and engagement rings are a type of statement ring, but other options offer more personalization and expression. Statement rings are also the perfect touch to wear the next time you have a night out or go to a party! Statement rings are typically bold with a large gem or unique design meant to be eye-catching. But they can also be minimalistic if you’re not one to flaunt gaudy rings.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to a gemstone. Experiment with statement rings that have an object as the centerpiece of the ring. Your favorite animal, flower, or even your favorite food can make a cute and quirky design for your statement ring. You can use your ring to make a literal statement by wearing a ring with a word engraved on it. Of course, short words that have special meaning for your work best with these statement ring styles.

How were statement rings invented?

During Prohibition in the 1920s, a type of statement ring called cocktail rings was particularly popular with wealthy women and celebrities. As a statement of independence and rebellion, many women would attend parties wearing gold or platinum rings with huge gemstones. Diamonds, pearls, rubies, emerald, citrine, topaz, and amethyst were some of the most popular. The trend stuck around and by the mid-1900s, as jewelry had become more affordable for middle-class Americans, wearing statement rings had become an increasingly common occurrence.

You have seen them – bold, eye-catching and unique! Statement rings, also known as cocktail rings, are larger than normal fashion rings. They usually showcase an oversized gem, diamond, or metal motif. Statement rings help you express your style and personality.

How to wear a statement ring?

For the office, choose something minimalistic so it’s not “too much”

Formal events are perfect for your biggest, most glamorous rings

Casual occasions with friends are great for quirky, playful rings

Can you wear multiple statement rings?

If you want your statement ring to attract attention, then let it play a starring role. Do this by keeping the rest of your jewelry understated. Yes! You shouldn’t be afraid to wear more than one statement ring. A great way to do this is to match colors while playing with different textures so the rings complement each other.

Some basic tips to choose the correct engagement ring:

1. You could simply pick a gem that suits an outfit

2. Wearing a gem with personal significance like your birthstone or diamonds could be an elegant and convenient choice.

3. Pick one based on how drawn you are to a gem color

Sabrina A Inc is here with its luminous collection of diamond statement rings

Spiral Diamond Ring

The spiral motif is a very positive and holy symbol. It indicates love, life, eternity, mystery, and creativity. The blissful spiral diamond ring features 13 sparkling round cut diamonds engraved on the 18k gold spiral band. The spiral represents the evolution and growth of the spirit. It is a symbol of change and development.

spiral diamond ring

Diamond Eternity Cut Band

Emerald is the sign of love, life, warmth, loyalty, and togetherness. The core essence of this diamond eternity cut band justifies the importance of this band. The ring features emerald-cut diamonds with an east-west setting. This ring is available in white, rose, and yellow gold.

diamond eternity cut band

U Prong Eternity Band

The piousness of the 24 majestic diamonds is evoking the old-school charm. This u prong eternity band features baguette-cut diamonds nestled with each other. The creative craftsmanship has executed the feminine beauty through this ring. This diamond ring is available in white, rose, and yellow gold. 

u prong eternity band
So these were some of our handmade statement rings. We hope you have got your answers about the usage of statement rings. For more such options please visit our official website.