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Princess Cut diamond in a princess cut diamond ring is as beautiful as it is elegant. In general, Princess Cuts feature a square, straight-design and a genius facet design. It's a fusion of shape and cutting style that produces more sparkle than classical square or rectangular diamonds. Princess cuts are currently the most popular than that of any other "fancy shape" diamond.

The Princess Cut, which also goes by “square changed brilliant”, is a diamond-cut design that is mostly used in engagement rings. Dating back to the 1960s, the Princess Cut was developed by Israel Itzkowitz and Betazel Ambar. The cut is square or rectangular when viewed from above and when viewed on the side is similar an inverted pyramid with four beveled edges. The popularity of the princess cut diamond was at its peak in the 1980s and 1990s, though it was still quite prominent in the 2000s as well. It is currently the second most preferred diamond cut, right after the round and before the cushion.

Princess Cut diamond

There are several reasons for the success of Princess cut diamonds. Firstly, they have a brilliant facet-style arrangement on the diamond pavilion that produces round diamond-like shimmer. They also boast a symmetrical linear form that fits well with a variety of modern architectural designs. And among other reasons to consider a princess cut, the most important is that these diamonds are a great value in terms of carat weight to cost as they offer the highest yield when cutting from a raw, uncut stone.

In terms of value, the princess cut can be unmatched. Since the form is very compatible with the structure of the most common type of rough diamond stone, the carat weight capacity of a princess cut is usually much higher than that of a round diamond. For example, a rough diamond which would produce a .75 ct round diamond would produce a 1.00-carat princess cut. At the same price, the princess cut will be larger than the typical round cut, due to it being cheaper on a per-carat basis. As a result, those trying to get the biggest stone for money should consider princess cut diamonds for its outstanding value.

Princess-Cut Diamond Rings Inspiration:

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Why do I Buy a  Princess cut diamond Ring or an Eternity Band?

1. Extremely High Value

Princess Cuts are comparatively less expensive than Round Brillant diamonds and many other diamond shapes as much of the rough stone are retained in the cutting process. Since a larger yield of the original stone remains in Princess Cuts, the cost is significantly lower.

For instance, this 1.01 carat, I color, VS1, ideal princess diamond is priced at $2,970. Based on the cost per carat, this diamond is roughly 40% cheaper than a comparable round cut diamond.

2. High Sparkle/Brilliance

 Princess-cut Diamonds have a high degree of clarity, which ensures that there is plenty of white light reflection or sparkle. Princess Cuts provide some of the most dazzling diamond shapes due to the way they are made from rough stones. For example, if you take a glance at the 360 ° view of this princess cut diamond ring, you can see the level of brightness or shimmer that it provides at all angles.

3.  Availability and Easy to Find

Because the Princess Cut is the second most common diamond shape, there is an ease of access to find one in the perfect carat size and grade that meets one's style needs and budget.