Stackable Diamond Eternity Bands and Bangles

Once Elizabeth Taylor said, you can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night, but they are sure fun when the sun shines.

Diamond is the symbol of elegance, romanticism, love, and sophistication. Either to gift someone, to adore yourself, or to confess your love- diamonds are always admired for their alluring charm. The origin of diamond jewelry takes us back to the earlier ages, where it was used more for decoration because of its capability to refract light. In 327 BC King Alexander brought the first diamond to Europe. Centuries later the trend of engraving diamonds and cutting them into different shapes had started.

In 1477 the trend of using the diamond ring in engagements had arrived. In 1520 the Rose Cut and 1681 Peruzzi cut was invented in diamond jewelry. Though India is still one of the largest sources of huge diamonds, countries like South Africa and Australia are also now flourishing in the diamond market. Diamond is considered as one of the prestigious stones and still, the sturdiness conveys the message of loyalty to the recipients.

Stackable jewelry is a celeb-approved buzz in the world of evolving fashion. Fashionistas like Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez have adored their hand and neck with layered jewelry. Since ages, stackable diamond eternity bands have been gifted on several occasions. The trend takes us back near about 4000 years ago when in Egyptian culture husbands used to give eternity bands to their wives as a token of love. Today also stackable diamond eternity bands still carry the value of eternal and selfless love and also it signifies the circle of life. That is why few people are given this band while welcoming their first child as a symbol of love and commitment.

Stackable Diamond eternity bands are also considered as a reminder of an everlasting relationship. Often people tend to use these eternity bands on their 25th or 50th wedding anniversary as a remark of an everlasting relationship. Sabrina is one of the best jewelry stores in los Angeles CA, which offers a wide range of diamond eternity bands with several styles, designs, and colors.

Eternity rings are one of the most meaningful pieces of standalone jewelry. There are two types: the half eternity ring and the full-eternity ring, and both are seen as symbols of love and everlasting commitment. Half eternity rings have a line of diamonds on the front of the ring and not at the back; this allows for more comfortable wearing and cost-effectiveness. The full-eternity ring on the other hand has a long line of diamonds or other gemstones along the full circumference of the ring loop.

It is this continuous line of diamonds that represents perennial love, and is one of the most common anniversary gifts, although eternity rings make for good gifts on various other occasions as well. While the basic idea is for them to signify never-ending love, it need not only be seen as a romantic gift to be exchanged between married or unmarried couples.

While the concept and symbolism have been around for hundreds of years, considerable Anglicization with respect to designs and colors have been made possible due to modern technology. Today's machines not only allow handmade eternity rings to be made quicker, but crisper designs with bold finishes are also possible due to the high level of details that machines can lend to each piece.

Factors to remember while buying stackable eternity diamond jewelry:

Here, there are quite a few things that you need to consider. While there are quite a few things to think about before you buy any eternity ring in the market, some things influence how well they can be stacked together, and therefore must be paid attention to, as well.

Stackable diamond rings are generally lean and slender and are comfortable to wear. Further, there are various incisions or design modifications that you can ask individual craftsmen to make the ring more comfortable and easy to wear.

1. Stacks with enclosure:

These stacked rings come in sets of three or more and have a centerpiece which generally consists of the biggest stone or the only stone in some cases. The centerpiece is generally made to be the focus of attention, while the other pieces form a pretty border with the narrowest rings used at either end of the entire structure. They are not detachable, in most cases.

2. The Nest stacks:

This is a relatively modern style of stacking rings although the inspiration for this particular type lies in the Art Deco Movement of the 1920s. The craftsman uses various symmetrical and concentric circles to create innovative designs that may only make sense when the entire piece is seen together.

3. Eclectic stack:

The Eclectic stacking style is more a coloring technique than a specific stacking style. Other types of stacks may also be colored in complementary and contrasting shades to add to the overall visual value of the piece. The eclectic stack is truly modern and has been created keeping in mind the needs and preferences of modern women.

4. The Glam wall stack:

This particular style is also modern, and somewhat less preferred. This is because the Glam wall stack uses two or three stacks with different types of gemstones that may all be bulky and shiny. This particular stacking style does well in a well-rounded look that has other large jewelry pieces such as diamond necklaces or earrings. The stackable bands are better than worn alone.

Further, while there are some other techniques such as the Champagne stack or the bar-stack, the above ones are the most popular. What needs to be seen in every piece is whether the piece of jewelry will do well with the jewelry that you already have.

Multi-row diamond band

This stylish stackable diamond eternity band is made with 18k Gold and chiseled with glistening diamonds. This multi-row band is available in different colors like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, etc. The band features 5 rows, which consists of 140 brilliant diamonds. The diamond eternity bands curate a simplistic but unique approach to your outfit. Also, this diamond eternity band could be a perfect pick to impress your special one.

Multi-row diamond band

Round diamond eternity band

A twirling dress, matching earrings, a quintessential and elegant diamond ring- what more do you need to be a diva at your wedding? These stackable round eternity bands are the perfect choice for brides-to-be and especially those, who are fond of a sophisticated and traditional look. This classic round diamond eternity band is available in colors like yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Even if you are gearing up for your bestie’s wedding this stunning eternity band, engraved with glittering diamonds would be a showstopper. 

                                             Round diamond eternity band

Eternity band with round diamonds

This stunning scalloped stackable diamond eternity ring is the best option for people who wear jewelry to show self-adornment or self-love. This small ring helps you elevate your simple regular look. Not only at a wedding but also in workplaces or house-warming parties this eternity ring helps make you look grand and distinctive. The scalloped settings with 4.2 mm diamonds would be a great connect between the wearer and the jewelry.

                                                 Eternity band with round diamonds

Diamond bangle bracelet

Sometimes while buying jewelry we feel a little hesitant, especially when it comes to wrist or waist size. Well, Sabrina has a solution for that too. Our ballerina-like flexible diamond bracelet is adjustable and gives your wrist an unprecedented twist. If you want to give your makeover a stunning touch then this flexible bracelet, made with 100% natural diamonds should match your attire. This aesthetic stackable diamond eternity bangle consists of round cut diamond augments, which makes the piece more significant and aesthetic

                                            Diamond bangle bracelet                                   

Pyramid flexible bangle bracelet

Bracelets are love for all the ladies out there. Sometimes people wear jewelry even in workplaces or maybe while enjoying a small reunion with school friends, just to feel special and different. So, if you are one of them then this pyramid flexible stackable diamond eternity bangle will help you complete your makeover. While purchasing our products clarity won’t be a matter to think about, because all our diamonds are checked with a D secure machine to assure 100% natural stones, and all our products are handcrafted in the USA.

                                               Pyramid flexible bangle bracelet

Sabrina A Inc is a jewelry store in Los Angeles, CA All the products that you see on the jewelry website are handmade and use only 100% natural diamonds. You can choose from one of the many stackable diamond eternity rings that we sell. Further, you can also create custom orders and tell us exactly what design you want in your jewelry products.1