Pear Shaped Eternity Band – Wrap Your Fingers in Droplets of Sparkle!

If you feel unimpressed and uninspired by the same old eternity bands with round-cut diamonds then you are not alone. There was a time when people coveted a traditional eternity ring with round-cut diamonds set in a classic four-prong setting. However, as time changed, so did people's tastes in jewelry. Now it's all about fancy-shaped diamonds and innovative designs. And To fulfill these new expectations of people, a plethora of cuts and designs have flooded the market. But among all of them, it's the pear shaped diamond eternity band that reigns supreme with its enthralling shape and out-of-the-world glimmer.

The true allure of a pear shaped diamond eternity band is the perfect blend of meaningful symbolism and the freshness of contemporary designs. While on one hand, the eternity design of the band evokes thoughts of unending love and lifelong passion. On the other hand, pear-shaped diamonds help with the appearance side of things. The tapered point, the dazzling sparkle, and smooth edges all work together to bring a luxe appeal to the wearer's finger.

So, if you are mesmerized by a pear shaped diamond eternity band, and are looking to get one for yourself. Or for someone special in your life. Then you don't have to surf the net or wander around in stores. Because we have already picked three spectacular pieces that you can choose from and trust us! All of them are utterly divine to look at. But before we provide you with our list, let us take you on a journey of understanding both the diamond shape and the ring in more detail.

What Is Pear Shaped Diamond?

A pear-cut diamond, also known as a teardrop diamond, is a unique shape with a rounded bottom tapering to a pointy top. This lovely and delicate shape resembles a pure drop of water. Earning it the nickname "teardrop." Many now regard it as an excellent choice for engagement rings and eternity bands.

Products like a pear shaped diamond necklace or an eternity band made with this brilliant cut were only possible due to the invention of the scaif. It is a diamond polishing machine designed by diamond polisher Lodewyk van Berquem. He was the first person to introduce the pear cut.

The Meaning Behind Pear Shaped Diamonds

The pear-cut stones embedded in your pear diamond ring or eternity band are highly distinctive in appearance. Especially, when you compare them with all the other fancy and classic cuts available. So, people take the shape as a form of showing individuality. And strong willpower of choosing something so vastly different. Furthermore, the shape itself symbolizes happiness. Many say that they look like tears of joy, given their teardrop shape. This is also why a pear diamond ring is a popular choice to gift during various relationship milestones.

Why should you buy Pear Shaped Eternity Bands?

It can be difficult to go for something which is so out of the ordinary. Or doesn't really provide you with a safety net of being a classic timeless design. So if halfway through the article you are having second thoughts about getting that pear eternity band, then let us remind you why it will become the best jewelry you ever own.

  • They make a unique statement piece
  • It will compliment your other fancy diamond jewelry
  • It will help with the new trend of creating a clashing look when worn with classic jewelry items
  • Give you a distinct visual appeal and spruce up your everyday look

Is a Pear Eternity Band Cheaper Than Other Diamonds Eternity Bands?

Yes, Absolutely! It's much cheaper compared to a round or even an emerald cut eternity band of similar quality. Pear cut diamonds also give the illusion of looking bigger than other shapes. So buying a pear eternity band will not only save you some major bucks but will also look fantastic when worn on fingers.

pear shaped diamond eternity band

How To Pick an excellent Pear-Shaped Diamond Eternity Band?

A good pear eternity band will consist of a nicely crafted metal band with a glossy or matte finish. But it's the diamonds that have to be exceptional for it to be an excellent eternity band. Unfortunately, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) doesn't grade pear-shaped diamonds. So the best way for you to get a good pear-cut diamond is to just look out for certain things while you buy them.

  • Look Out for Bowties

Bow Ties cast big triangular shadows and reduce shine. So while buying a pear eternity band, make sure it is evenly contrasted and has good brilliance. And don't have a watery or dark bowtie inside the diamonds.

  • Look Out for Dead or Washed Out Diamonds

Diamonds that don't have an equal amount of dark and light areas look dead or washed out. So make sure that your ring has pear-shaped diamonds with evenly spaced out white and dark areas. Or, in other words, have a balance of contrast and brilliance.

  • Look Out for Colored Tips

While buying a pear shaped diamond eternity band, you need to take a closer look at each of the teardrop stones and see if any of them have colored tips. Sometimes the pointy end of a pear-cut diamond appears brown or yellow. This happens because of the change in facet towards the end. So make sure the tip of the diamond is of the same hue as the center.

Is There a Particular Way of Wearing a Pear Diamond Ring?

Even though many think that it should be worn one way or another due to it having a pointy end, the answer is no. There is no hard and fast rule about which way the ring should face. It is entirely up to the wearer. And right now, jewelers are making various creative designs of pear eternity bands. For example, take the askew designs or alternate designs of an east west pear diamond ring. These newer designs completely eliminate the argument of which way they should face.

What Are the Types of Jewelry That Look Good With a Pear Shaped Diamond Eternity Band?

Technically a pear shaped diamond eternity band is versatile enough to be worn with almost all kinds of jewelry. Although to create a seamless, beautiful look, there are two ways to accent the pear eternity band with other pieces of jewelry.

  • Pair It With Subtle and Simple Pear-Shaped Jewelry

To create a sophisticated and classy look it's better to wear a piece of delicate teardrop-shaped diamond jewelry that not only accents the pear eternity band but also complements it perfectly. The best way to go about it is to wear dainty, dangling teardrop earrings. Or a delicate pear shape diamond necklace.

pear shape diamond necklace


This pear shaped diamond necklace with its bezel set solitaire teardrop diamond encased in glossy metal is the epitome of elegance. The pear diamond effortlessly dangles from an 18k gold dainty cable link chain that further showcases its minimalist design. The pear shaped diamond necklace will elevate any formal office attire, especially when paired with a pear eternity band. It's obtainable in either yellow, rose, or white gold.


  • Pair It With Bold and Intricate Pear Shaped Jewelry

As fun as it is to flaunt minimalistic jewelry, sometimes we crave a bit more attention. Which a simple pear shape diamond necklace just won't provide. So if the mood calls for making a statement, it's better to go for a stacked finger look by wearing the pear shape eternity band with a pear diamond ring that exhibits a bold and intricate design.

pear shape eternity band

This pear diamond ring with its avant-garde spiral pattern contains 18 glistening pear cut diamonds arranged in a uniform manner that will give the perfect spiral wrap to any finger. Its design is intricate with a touch of boldness that +


will elevate your other pear-shaped eternity ring without any effort. In fact, its three loops of metal and diamond strands are enough to create a stacked look. Since this ring comes in platinum and also in gold of yellow, rose, and white color, you should go for yellow. As that vibrant color will make the loudest statement.

Top Three Steller Pear Shaped Eternity Band Rings to Drool Over

As promised, here is our curated list of pear eternity bands just for you! All of them can be worn individually or as an accent to an engagement ring. Also, all of them will pair well with other simple and intricate pear-shaped jewelry, like the solitaire pear shape diamond necklace or the spiral pear ring.


1. Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Band


Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Band

The design of this pear shaped diamond eternity band is both wonderful and glamorous. It is made to provide a unique, contemporary look with its alternating, inverted dazzling teardrop shaped diamonds. Embedded around the gleaming metal eternity band in a five-prong setting. The belly of the ring is mostly open so that more light can enter, thus creating a brilliant dazzle. This ring also comes in platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.


2.Pear Shaped East West Diamond Halfway Eternity Band


east west pear diamond ring

This captivating and creative east west pear diamond ring brilliantly showcases delicate teardrop diamonds with excellent sparkle sitting in a classic four-prong setting halfway around the band. It is designed to enhance your appeal in an elegant manner. The delicate yet magnificent diamonds on this east west pear diamond ring screams style and charisma with the promise of bringing the wearer good fortune and happiness. You can get this ring in both platinum and gold. You can also choose either white, yellow or rose color of gold.


3.Pear shape Diamond Bezel Set Eternity Band


Pear shape Diamond Bezel Set Eternity Band

This pear shape eternity band features dazzling teardrop diamonds and a glinting 18k yellow gold band. Its stunning design makes it look like a mini crown wrapped around the finger. It has a vintage, royal quality about it that will add a level of finesse to any ensemble. The yellow gold band adds a luscious glow and further plays up the majestic appearance of the ring.

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