Learn About Heart-Shaped Diamond and Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

What is the exact hype of a piece of diamond jewelry? Why do women love to wear diamonds so much? Well, sometimes these questions might be striking your brain. The answer would be pretty simple; diamonds proliferate their magnetic aura. Whether it’s a stud, a necklace, a hanging pendant or a bracelet, after wearing diamonds you become the best version of yourself. There is no escaping from the fact that diamonds can enlighten your body parts more than anything else; even your mundane mood. Suppose, if we talk about an event like a proposal, marriage, or anniversary, the first cliche thing that is gonna stick in your head would be any heart shaped jewelry, because it pacifies the joy of love, warmth, and bonding.

Getting diamond jewelry and that too especially from their loved ones, makes them feel precious and important. The brilliant sparkle of the diamond is the second reason for the inclined popularity. Absolutely no other gemstone can give you the divine feeling like a diamond. As a material diamond is enduring, endearing, and also with regular cleaning and maintenance it can last for a long time.

 Diamond Eternity rings have been given for many years by loved ones celebrating special occasions. But where did the tradition begin, and why do we continue to give these beautiful gifts in the present day? The history of eternity rings dates back nearly 4000 years to the ancient Egyptians when they were given from husband and wife simply as a token of love.

Some of the earliest examples of eternity rings were designed to imitate the likeness of a snake consuming its own tail. This image is a common symbol used to represent eternity and often referred to as the 'ouroboros'. Ouroboros rings are still sold today, however, the more traditional eternity ring choice is a band of precious metal set with gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and most commonly diamonds.

What does a heart-shaped diamond mean?

For hundreds of years, men and women have used heart-shaped rings to confess their undying love for one another. Every year, around seventy percent of the total sales of heart shaped diamonds happen around the first two weeks of February. Heart-shaped jewelry is a timeless symbol of love and commitment and is the closest a person generally gets to pledging their heart to a special someone.

Needless to say, cutting a diamond into a heart shape takes a high amount of skill and effort. The symmetry needs to be perfect, and every finished piece has around 60 facets that need to be carefully sculpted without a single mistake. Once the technique for cutting a diamond in the right manner was developed, the diamond’s place in the world of jewelry began to evolve rapidly. In 1477 a diamond ring was given as an engagement ring for the very first time. Mary of Burgundy received the diamond piece from Archduke Maximilian of Austria, thus starting the tradition of a man proposing his lady love with a diamond ring. The year 1520 witnessed the creation of the Rose Cut, followed by the Peruzzi Cut in 1681 and many others after that.

heart-shaped diamond

How to buy a heart-shaped diamond?

First and foremost, the symmetry of both the stone and the arches of the ring must be carefully looked at, and the tip of the ring must be defined to a good extent. There are other things to consider, such as the ratio between the diamond’s length and width. While an ideal-cut heart has a ratio difference of about ten percent, a deeper cut might have a ratio difference as high as 32%.

Due to the skill required, heart-shaped diamonds must be bought from reputable sources that provide 100% authentic and natural diamonds. Not only are diamonds a considerable investment, but there is also always the risk of buying fake or impure stones.

The heart shaped diamond ring is a quintessential piece because of its heart shape design setting. Mostly, people prefer buying the heart shaped diamond engagement rings or heart shaped diamond wedding rings for the big day.

Our handmade heart-shaped diamond Bezel set ring comes with detailed appraisal reports from our in-house certified gemologists, and all our diamonds are checked with D-secure machines, which assure 100% natural stones.

In our humble opinion, a good diamond ring strikes a perfect balance between sparkle and warmth and has a stone that stands out without being too bulky.


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Do heart-shaped diamonds sparkle?

Yes, they sure do! The individual facets of heart-shaped diamonds are inter-angled so that they reflect large amounts of light, which gives a distinctively fiery sparkle to the stone. Moreover, it is easier to spot internal flaws in heart-shaped diamonds, with clouds, carbon deposits, and other imperfections often visible to the naked eye.

Further, the surprisingly high variety of metal and color options means that there is a perfect heart-shaped engagement ring for every couple, no matter if you prefer a ring that sparkles fiercely and stands out or one which has a warmer tone that complements the stone. The beauty of the heart shaped diamond ring setting is mesmerizing and the most exquisite one is the rose gold heart shaped engagement ring.

rose gold bezel set diamond ring

Are heart-shaped diamonds more expensive?

Heart-shaped diamonds, commonly called heart diamonds, are cheaper than their similarly sized round-cut counterparts. This means that heart shaped diamonds are perfectly suited to make your partner feel special, and are more affordable too.

Probably, you will buy the heart shaped diamond ring for your engagement or wedding. The heart shaped engagement ring will be the symbol of love and promise that is in between you and your partner. The eternal bond starts with the exchange of rings and it becomes exceptional while having a heart shaped diamond engagement ring.

If those reasons are not enough, our heart-shaped bezel set ring comes with a rose gold metal option, which has a warm tone that perfectly complements the glittering stone in the center. Further, the amount of craftsmanship and the symbolism attached to the cut makes it quite the perfect gift for your partner.

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What is the proper way to wear a heart shaped ring?

While there isn’t a wrong way to wear a heart shaped ring, most people prefer to wear it with the bottom point towards them, if only so that they can see the heart with the right side up. Further, while bulkier diamond rings are somewhat unsuitable for everyday office wear, well-crafted rings with more portable diamonds are durable and strong and can be worn by people living active lifestyles. Regardless, heart shaped rings tend to stand out, and their beauty can be accentuated by wearing complementary colors. Finally, the best way to wear the Heart Shaped diamond rings is a heart full of love and eyes full of vision.

Heart shaped diamond rings are timeless symbols of love and have been spotted on mainstream celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and more recently on Gwen Stefani and Katie Price. In conclusion, while finding the perfect ring might prove to be a humongous task indeed, you can never go wrong, when you go with a heart shaped engagement ring.