How To Wear Subtle Jewelry: Necklaces & Earrings?

Whether you favor silver, gold, diamond, or a combination of them, every jewelry collection deserves a roster of subtle, minimalist everyday pieces. It takes effort to find the appropriate items that seem personal and accentuate your style at the same time. And needless to say, they also come in a wide variety of price ranges. So having a predetermined budget is a must before buying such jewelry items.

Necklaces and earrings are the best choices for modest, understated jewelry. A shimmering diamond necklace and subtle earrings will invigorate your entire outfit and bring forth both flair and confidence, whether it's for a casual lunch or a serious office presentation. These types of decorations typically last a lifetime, and their wearability far outweighs the cost per wear. When worn right, understated jewelry items can sometimes make more of a statement than standout jewelry.

Before we give out our advice on how to wear subtle necklaces and earrings for the optimal look, let us answer some basic questions regarding them.

diamond eternity necklace

What Is Subtle Jewelry?

Subtle jewelry is basically delicate, uncomplicated designed pieces that can be used to gently enhance an outfit or overall appearance. People with an extremely simple and clean fashion sense can wear them. The beauty of subtle jewelry is that it will never over complicate an ensemble. It will add a little bit of detail without being too much. They're usually dainty pieces with a minimalist design of either one color or a combination of a few. The whole effect is quite visually pleasing and works amazingly when you want to go for a neat, sleek aesthetic.

How Many Can I Pile On?

The issue with subtle jewelry is that many people believe they need to wear a lot of it to make a statement. However, this is not the case; one is sufficient to make an impression and enhance your beauty. You can, however, choose more than one item; just make sure you don't overdo it. The subtlety will be lost if you wear six necklaces. When it comes to layering fashion, it's best to limit yourself to two or three pieces. We understand the allure of over-accessorizing. But believe us when we say that less is always more.

Let's move on to the guidance on how to wear them now that we've addressed the two most often asked questions.

Subtle Necklace To Accentuate Your Neck

Since your neck is the focal point, it is important to adorn it perfectly. What type of jewelry and how you wear them around your neck can make or break the entire look you are going for. Since we are here to discuss subtle jewelry, let's make one thing clear, never overlap your necklaces. If you are wearing a single shimmering diamond necklace, then it's fine. But when stacking, always keep your skin as the negative space or background between the neck pieces. 

Don't wear two diamond eternity necklaces of the same length. Instead, go for a dazzling heart shaped diamond necklace. This solitaire diamond in a diamond necklace, has a certain raised aura and aplomb. The necklace comes in 18k gold which has a heart-shaped natural diamond. Wear this heart-shaped diamond pendant necklace single or stack it with another necklace that will make you conspicuous at any event. This gold heart-shaped diamond necklace is also available in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Necklaces with a simple design can be a lovely accent to any ensemble. Simple gold patterns with a touch of diamonds are always in style and can help you improve your appeal.

heart shaped diamond necklace

Subtle Earrings To Accentuate Your Face

Earring does the same thing to your face, what necklace does to your décolletage. It is the first thing people's eyes will draw toward when they look at your face. So Just like a necklace, it is important to embellish your delicate earlobes perfectly. The best subtle jewelry for your ears is a classic yet ravishing stud earring. Preferably, a pair of diamond halo stud earrings. Choose yellow gold or rose gold for the metal if you want to add a splash of color.

A Combination of Both for a Subtle Divine Look

Finally, when a pair of stunning diamond halo stud earrings and a diamond eternity necklace are combined, the outcome is pure sublime divinity. This way, you won't need to stack up your necklaces to improve exposure. Wearing a matching diamond necklace and earrings will do the trick. You can look incredibly fabulous while keeping it simple and comfy throughout the day.

Have fun while playing with your collection of subtle jewelry! A shimmering diamond necklace is perfect for expressing yourself and giving your look more personality. If you find such items attractive, then think of ways to wear and highlight them. Choose products that you think are beautiful and would be lovely on you.