How to Choose a Diamond Ring to Suit Your Hand ? : A Comprehensive Guide

Every person has an expressive and a dominant personality. The expressive personality explicates through behavior, tone, and pitch of voice, lifestyle, etc. and the dominant persona is generally hidden, but could be detected through several factors like body language. This might be a little surprising but our body language plays a crucial purpose to proliferate our personality.

For example, our hands and fingers are very telling of one’s personality. If you believe in the authenticity of palmistry different types of hands indicate one’s basic characteristics, traits, body language, attitude, and attribute. According to the Five Element Theory, after examining all the types of palms and fingers, it is seen that there are five kinds of hands:

· Metal hand

· Wood hand

· Water hand

· Fire hand

· Earth hand

Now, when we talk about delivering a particular personality, your personal style of jewelry, or usage of metals and gems, has become an integral part of it. During the calculation of palmistry after reading the horoscopes the experts suggest a particular stone to wear. Metals like gold, diamond, and platinum contain versatile cuts; every particular pattern is made for a particular kind of hand. But before that we are going to take a small off route and study the types of hands:

Metal Hand:


Fleshy palm




Square and short palm

Square fingernails


Rational people

High leadership qualities

Practical thinking

An admirer of fairness and justice

Great communicator

Wood Hand:


Long fingers

Oblong hand (Flat palms)

Defined knuckles

Tough thumb

Difficult to bend







Water Hand:


Wide hands

Smooth palms

Stubby fingers

Round fingertips

Long nails





Fast learner

Keen observer

Fire Hand:


Long palms and fingers

Rough and sharp nails

Ill-defined knuckles





Earth Hand:


Thick palms

Heavy fingers

Large wrist

Coarse skin and palm print

Thick muscle

Thick thumb base




Leadership capabilities


Now to understand the suitable diamond, let’s discuss some quintessential diamond cuts, presented by Sabrina A. Inc.

Oval cut:

Oval cut diamonds are elongated round-shaped diamonds. The allure and the appeal of the diamond is more appealing for those with thick and plump fingers because the ring makes it look more slender. For the unique shape and facet, the diamond engraved on the ring looks larger than its size. Just like this oval diamond engagement ring, that helps to accentuate your mystic charm. This ring features a dainty golden oval cut stone in the middle, and the melee is embellished with several rounds of cut diamonds. All over the combo of white and golden is creating an endless array of spark.

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Getting a precious round diamond halo engagement ring from your loved ones must be a cherished dream for most of the women out there. This round diamond halo engagement ring talks about the bride’s sentiment and emotions. This white gold round diamond halo engagement ring features a round brilliant cut diamond in the middle. The round melee encircling the diamond consists of 28 glimmering stones. The 18k gold ring is also embraced fully with innumerable intriguing diamonds. This ring is available in white gold. 2.92 Round Cut Diamond complemented by a halo of round diamonds in a 14k white gold setting.

Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Marquise cut: 

A marquise-cut diamond has a typical elliptical and elongated shape, with sharper and pointed edges. This cut is also famous as “boat-shaped cut”, “football cut”, “eye-cut” etc. Marquise cut is rarely seen to be used as an engagement ring. This marquise halo diamond ring features a marquise-cut glistening diamond. The melee and the 18k gold shank engraved with some lovely full-cut diamonds. The traditional halo setting also satisfies the urge of fusion lovers. This kind of cut is generally suitable for long fingers and flat palms.

Marquise Halo Diamond Ring


Asscher cut: 

The Asscher cut diamonds are quite similar to the square-cut or emerald cut, but created with a different facet. The shape is an amalgamation of rectangular and square shapes. This cut originated in Holland and it has 58 facets, that are larger than the square or emerald-shaped diamonds; and it has four cropped corners. This Asscher cut diamond eternity band looks best on heavy fingers because it makes the hand look thinner and gives a modern approach. The ingenious setting of Asscher cut diamonds, creates an “endless hallway of reflective mirrors effect”. This Asscher cut ring is best suitable for people with stubby fingers.

Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band


Emerald cut:

The emerald cut is the most demanding and admired child of the family. The emerald cut is also a kind of square cut, but with elongated rectangular shape, linear facets, and step cuts. Generally, an Emerald contemplates as a stone that symbolizes love, bonding, truth, and happiness, which makes this sparkling horizontal emerald cut eternity band a perfect fit for engagement, anniversary, or marriage. This 18k gold eternity band features several emerald cut diamonds arranged in an east-west or vertical way. This popular diamond cut is lightweight and generally suitable for every type of hand.

Horizontal Emerald Cut Eternity Band



A baguette-cut diamond is less expensive compared to the other ones. So if you want a vintage look for your wedding within an affordable budget, the turn for the baguette-cut diamond bands. This cut features a step-cut shape with 14 facets and rectangular or tapered edges. This baguette eternity band features a zigzag arrangement of baguette shape diamonds, which have rectangular edges. The organization of the diamonds completes your makeover with a modern twist. You can stack it or wear it solo; this minimalistic ring will be suitable for short and fluffy fingers.

Baguette Eternity Band


Princess cut:

Make your lady love feel like a royal highness. This princess cut diamond ring is perfect for your wedding or engagement as it comes with a special aura and fusion charm. This cut is also a part of the square-cut family but with sharper edges, and the ingenious arrangement in this princess cut diamond ring is specifically creating the brilliant “queen’s crown” effect. People with thick palms and large wrists can opt for this ring.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring  Pear cut:


Pear cut:

This cut is also known as “teardrop cut” or “pendeloque cut”. This pear cut has an elliptical shape with pointed edges, and it is a blend of marquise and oval cut. Because of its fineness and elegance, the pear cut is also called a modified brilliant cut. This pear eternity band has an upside-down arrangement of pear cut diamonds and a magical silhouette effect. Wide hands and long nails could be a perfect justification for such a modern and elegant ring.

Pear Eternity Band

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