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Guide to Prom Jewelry

Why is Prom such a big deal?

One of the most significant events in a highschooler’s life is Prom! Indeed! Prom, for most of us, is about the perfect pair of heels, a blingy pair of earrings, the most elegant dress, a cute date, and all of your best friends dancing together and having a blast. 

But how did this Prom tradition, or shall we say craze, come to be? So, we decided to break down the history of Prom for your curious self. Prom is derived from the word Promenade. It's the introductory parade of guests who attend a party. Its timeless tale goes back to 19th Century America when initially it was organized by universities with co-ed banquets for the graduating students. Prom Nights have been in the culture for almost 200 years now. The formal event aims at showcasing the etiquette and social stature of young men and women. 

Gradually the culture shifted to teenagers, and while Prom began as a display of poise, it divulged into an event where teens dress up to fit neatly in prescribed gender roles and elect a Prom King and Queen. Today after decades of Proms, most highschoolers can enjoy a completely inclusive Prom Night in whatever outfit they want, with any date (of any gender), and with gender-blind Prom royalty elections. We know Prom today as a celebration of adolescence, friendship, and the culmination of high school.  

4 Jewelry Accessories for the Perfect Prom: 

If you are wondering what to wear on the "best night of your life", we have some tips that will ensure a magical night.  

  • Bracelets: Accessories can always make or break your look! If you've decided on a delicate dress, make it a must to choose a minimalist bracelet. A sleeveless dress is the ideal choice if you want to show off your bling. It lends a stunning look to your bracelet so you can be youthful, stylish, and comfortable. Also, a smaller bracelet will go great with a floral corsage. 
  • Earrings: The credit for an ideal look goes to the earrings, always! We suggest you go for big and sparkling earrings if you wish to wear a strapless dress for a larger-than-life look. But if you've decided on a simple dress, going for small earrings is advisable. 
  • Necklaces: The size and length of the necklace make all the difference! If you've decided on wearing a strapless dress, then nothing can go better with it than a glitzy necklace. If you've decided on wearing a higher-neckline dress with your hair in an up-do, then a short necklace would look gorgeous. When wearing a deeper neckline, always go for a long necklace without a doubt. If your dress is already very shiny and has a lot of work on it, ditch the necklace right away! 
  • Rings: Rings are a must for every prom attendee. They should be minimal and not too glamorous to capture all the attention. Nevertheless, you can never eliminate them from the prom look. The only thing to be considered before choosing the ring is how subtle you want to go.  

What does Sabrina A have in store for you? 

Sabrina A has something for everyone! To add some glitz and glow to your Prom look, we have picked the 5 best pieces of jewelry that you will find perfect for your Prom. Here you go: 

1) Round Diamonds Ring Floral Design 18k Gold: 

teardrop diamond ring

Beautify your fingers with the stunning Round Diamonds Ring Floral Design 18k Gold that features the unique superlative cut. It is one of the diamond floral ring. It can be teamed with any colorful outfit. Not to miss the flower that magnifies your elegance manifold.

2) Unique Spiral Twist Green Emerald Teardrop and Diamond Sun Design 18k Minimalist Ring

pear shape diamond ring

The series of alternate baguette and round diamonds envelopes the center diamond in a surreal pattern. A blend of vibrancy and glam; the emerald green gold ring ring is the life of every party you become a part of. Wait no more and shop for it today!  

3) Spiral Pear Shape 18k Gold Diamond Ring

The pear diamond ring features 18 glistening diamonds that transport you to an altogether different world. All pear-cut, these diamonds bring alive a wonderful spiral design that is truly unmissable. 

4) Lariat Y 14k Gold Diamond Necklace

  • A perfect epitome of elegance, the lariat diamond necklace features 3.45 carat diamond approximately. These diamonds are engraved along a lovely golden band and look marvelous. How about you wear it to the next party?

     5) 14k Gold Diamonds Huggie Earrings

    Looking for an earring to accompany you to work everyday! Well, you are at the right place as the mini diamond huggie earrings let you do that. Ideal for everyday use, it features the 14K round brilliant cut pavé diamonds. 

    Wrap up:  

    If you haven’t decided what to wear on your Prom yet, let our jewelry inspire you! Wait no more and head straight to the virtual showroom of Sabrina A and pick the best for yourself. While you choose, I’ll be on the lookout for more.