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Eternity Ring Facts | Eternity Ring and Eternity Bands

Eternity Ring and Eternity Bands
Eternity ring and Eternity bands

There are several reasons that an eternity ring should maybe be offered as an anniversary present or a celebration gift. Usually, eternity rings consist of a band of precious metal adorned with a continuous, never-ending line of identically cut diamonds or gemstone.

The eternity ring, also known as an infinity ring, reflects the universal concept of everlasting love. As love for another persists, there is no other way to display your affection than this present. Nothing symbolizes undying love as well as an eternity ring.

Some would say large milestones such as a big anniversary should be the occasion to warrant such a gift, but why wait to show your commitment to an endless love? The Ring of Infinity is a timeless masterpiece that makes a statement to your love about your everlasting commitment. It is an investment that lasts forever.

In its very nature, an eternity ring of diamonds symbolizes everlasting love and loyalty as there is no end to the rings. It is a true love icon! The eternal ring is a classic that is sure to be treasured by any woman and is eminently suitable as a wedding ring. Nothing is like presenting your loved one with an everlasting claim, "I'm in this for the long haul”.

Couples are sending each other eternity rings these days for all kinds of sentimental purposes, but have you ever wondered who started the whole thing and why we're wearing them on our wedding ring finger?

Here are Interesting Eternity ring facts:

                                     Fancy Shapes Diamond Ring

Fancy Shapes Diamond Ring

1. The origins of the Eternity Ring dates back several millennia. Many believe this symbol of everlasting love originated in Ancient Egypt, around 2000 BC. Egyptians crafted this ring for their loved ones to demonstrate their affection and devotion. They designed their rings in the shape of a serpent swallowing its own tail. Over time the style changed from a snake to a neutral diamond-set gold or platinum band.

                                    Princess Diamond Halo Eternity Band

Princess Diamond Halo Eternity Band

2. Today's eternity rings are designed in many varieties, with half- or full-eternity choices showcasing precious stones typically set with gold or platinum. Much like the ring itself, the possibilities for development are infinite. While they may feature any gem of preference, the diamond is, predictably, the most common element. Diamonds have come to be known as a symbol of unwavering loyalty, commitment, and affection for millennia with their incredible intensity and durability. Of course, they're the most valuable stone, and when it comes to a gift of true love, they're no surprise to top the list. They are also believed to reflect the future, working together as a sign of everlasting life of closeness. This very notion is even further magnified when put into an infinity ring, as this emblem of undying love encircles the finger in a never ending string.

                                    Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band

3. The diamond eternity ring's success dates back to the 1960s and it's all due to the ingenious marketing campaign by diamond retailer DeBeers.

The corporation had a confidential agreement with the Soviet Union, according to investigative journalist, Edward Jay Epstein, to purchase 90–95 percent of uncut diamonds produced under Russia. Such Soviet diamonds were small (often under 0.25 carats) so DeBeers devised a plan to sell off their inventory. As smaller stones are generally used to adorn eternity rings, DeBeers promoted the purchase of these rings. One such promotional advertisement read: “She married you for the richer or the poor. Let her know the way things are going.” With a solid marketing plan in place, it was not long before husbands started proving their love to their wives with eternity rings.

                                     Diamond Eternity Bands


4. Diamond Eternity Bands are traditionally given to mark the 60th anniversary of a couple's wedding, but that isn’t the case anymore. Modern rings of immortal love are offered for a plethora of reasons. Some use these bands as a mark of love after one year of union, just as a treat for one’s significant other, or some after 10 years. Many couples use eternity bands to celebrate a large life milestone, like the arrival of a first child. Eternity bands can also be specially crafted to reflect these milestones, such as pairing a newborn baby's birthstone with diamonds. Eternity rings are also popular for those wanting to change their wedding bands, especially if they're in a better financial situation than when they bought their original wedding ring. Regardless of the event, these bands will always be an option to give a significant other.

                                  Diamond Eternity Bands

5. Eternity rings come into several band profiles and a large variety of designs. Many are precision set today, with computers setting the diamonds to ensure a flawless finish is obtained regardless of design. Setting customizations include changes in the prong, bezel, bar, grain, and channel. The most common is the claw setting, which increases the number of angles at which light can penetrate the stone. This results in greater brightness, as each additional stone amplifies the luminescence. The round, brilliant-cut stone is the most common type of diamond, but any type of cut proves to be as beautiful in an eternity ring.
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6. Some choose to adorn an eternity ring alongside a wedding band and engagement ring, oftentimes replacing the wedding ring itself. The practice of placing a ring on the ring finger traces back to the ancient Egyptians, who claimed a blood artery went straight to the heart from the left ring finger. Although there is no artery there, still the tradition persists.

                                         spiral band

7. In the 1950s understated beauty became an instant classic, modelling after Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn’s preferences. In 1954, when American actor Mel Ferrer proposed to his love, he provided his bride-to-be a slender eternity platinum ring lined with baguette diamonds. When the couple married a few months later, Audrey received two wedding bands in gold and pink gold, both carved with the date of the wedding. Audrey’s design preferences would soon become a hallmark of understated beauty in American life.


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