Diamond Bracelets You Can Gift On a Romantic Date

The term "bracelet" is derived from the Latin word "brachium" which means "arms." Though the origin of tying a vine and using it as an embellishment is not completely known, the definition of a bracelet starts with a very basic motive, which was to complete your makeover with a perfect wristband. Even the archaeologists had found pieces of evidence for wearing bracelets in ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China, which takes us almost 7,000 years back. In fact in 1973 British archeologists discovered the statue of the "Dancing Girl", which belonged to the Harappa-Mohenjodaro civilization. This statue portrays a girl with a handful of bangles and it dates back to 2,500 B.C. The word bangle came from the Hindi word "bungri", which means glass. Basically, in many cultures, the "clink" sound of bangles and beauty is considered to be secure and lucky for your married life.

A bangle or a bracelet is nothing but a rigid type accessory that embellishes your wrists with delicacy and grace. Nowadays it could be made of any material like glass, wood, or oxidized, but nothing can match the charisma of diamond. A diamond bangle or bracelet screams efficiency and feminine charm. These types of bangles originated from South Asia, where women have been wearing these bracelets for weddings for 5,000 years. Earlier the bracelets were made of some bountiful elements of our nature, for example, tree limbs, beads, shells, and stones. During the bronze ages also people used glass and bronze for adornment. But with rapid evolution people started with expensive materials like gold or silver and that was a time when jewelry was started to be considered as a symbol of wealth and financial stability.

Diamond Gold Bangles for Women

There are primarily three types of bangle that you can opt for:

Solid bangles, Torque bangles, and Split bangles

Solid bangles are pushed over the hand to cover the wrist

Torque bangles are kind of a modified version of open bangle

Split bangles have a hinge or clasp that helps the wearer to open them easily.

On the other hand, if you talk about bracelets, the most trendy, demanded, and flexible one will be tennis bracelets. In 1974, Chris Evert once stopped a prolific match because her expensive diamond bracelet broke during the match. After all the jewelers started manufacturing sleek and thin gold bracelets studded with diamonds and named that "Tennis bracelets."

A lot of people think that women like diamonds because they are some glorious materialistic thing. But actual meaning lies in the core strength of diamond. Diamonds are durable, gorgeous and also fine jewelry made by this gem can be passed through heirlooms. Diamonds and especially bracelets are symbols of affection, warmth, shine, and sparkle. Diamond bracelets are tied around the wrist to pacify the love and bonding between two people. It binds all your feelings and emotions together. Diamond bracelets are also an emblem of ingenuity, purification, and invincible spiritual power. The glamor of a diamond makes any relationship unconquerable; it is a gem for faithfulness, commitment, and promise.