Diamond 101: Understanding Shapes and Sizes for Your Perfect Jewelry Pick

In this Diamond 101 guide, we embark on a journey to unravel the enchanting world of diamond shapes and sizes. As your trusted diamond jewelry studio, we're here to empower you with knowledge, ensuring your perfect jewelry pick is both ethically sourced and within reach.

 Diamond Ring Stack

Why Choose Sabrina A Inc.?

At Sabrina A Inc., we take pride in offering natural diamonds that are ethically sourced without compromising on quality. Our commitment to transparency and affordability makes us a beacon of elegance in the heart of the International Jewelry Plaza.

Understanding Diamond Shapes:

  1. Round Brilliant Cut:

    • Timeless and classic.
    • Maximum sparkle and fire.
    • Versatile and suitable for various jewelry styles.

     round cut diamond ring

  2. Princess Cut:

    • Modern and square-shaped.
    • Sharp corners for a contemporary look.
    • Brilliant sparkle and a popular choice for engagement rings.

     Princess Cut Ring

  3. Emerald Cut:

    • Elegant and sophisticated.
    • Rectangular shape with stepped facets.
    • Ideal for those who appreciate a vintage-inspired appearance.

     emerald cut diamond ring

  4. Oval Cut:

    • Unique and elongated shape.
    • Combines the brilliance of the round cut.
    • Creates an illusion of longer, slender fingers.

     oval diamond ring

    Oval Diamond Halo 18k Gold Engagement Ring

  5. Marquise Cut:

    • Distinctive boat-shaped with pointed ends.
    • Maximizes the appearance of size.
    • Creates a regal and elongated look.

    Marquisse Cut 

    Marquise Halo 18k Gold Diamond Ring

  6. Pear-Shaped Cut:

    • Combination of round and marquise shapes.
    • Narrow point and rounded end.
    • Offers a timeless and elegant appearance.

     Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

  7. Asscher Cut:

    • Square emerald cut.
    • Art Deco-inspired and vintage feel.
    • Known for its clarity and mesmerizing step-cut facets.

     Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

    3.00ct Asscher Cut Diamond 18k Gold Halfway Eternity Ring

  8. Radiant Cut:

    • Square or rectangular with cut corners.
    • Combines the brilliance of round and emerald cuts.
    • Versatile and suitable for various jewelry designs.

     Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

    East-West Radiant cut 18k Gold eternity ban

  9. Heart-Shaped Cut:

    • Symbolic and romantic.
    • Requires a skilled cut to achieve a balanced shape.
    • Ideal for expressing love in jewelry designs.

     Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

    Heart shape Diamond 18k Gold Bezel Set Eternity Band


Understanding Diamond Sizes:
  1. Carat Weight:
    • The measure of a diamond's size.
    • Larger diamonds may captivate, but balance size with quality for budget considerations.
  2. Cut Quality:
    • Well-cut diamonds maximize sparkle, creating the illusion of a larger size.
    • Opt for an excellent cut quality to enhance perceived size.
  3. Setting Matters:
    • The setting can influence how large or small a diamond appears.
    • Choose a setting that complements the diamond's size and shape.

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