Buying Guide: What is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

There are quite a bunch of different types of diamonds to choose from when you want to buy a diamond. If you prefer having the diamond lose or pre-fitted in a piece of jewelry, the diamond form you pick would have a huge effect on how the finished result looks like. For several years now, round brilliant cut diamond has become the popular option in the diamond jewelry industry. We always end up purchasing a circular diamond when an individual is unsure which form we can pick. There are plenty of alternate choices out there, some providing even more exquisite features than the famous brilliant round cut.

A unique example of an alternate type of diamonds which provides many advantages over the dazzling round cut will be the Asscher cut. Even if not as popular as the round cut, the Asscher cut provides many special features that make it stand out for other purchasers. Even this shape hasn't been around for as long as the round cut since it was only designed in 1902.

Asscher Cut Diamond

What is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

The Asscher cut diamond is often associated with the emerald cut, deriving from the many similarities shared between these two varieties. However, the many differences arise from the general shape of the stones. The emerald cut has a rectangular shape while the Asscher cut has a square shape. The Asscher cut corners are also rounded and generally protected by the setting structure under the diamond, unlike the emerald.

A truly gorgeous Asscher will appear to be a little deep in the pavilion and have slightly steeper crown angles. This makes the dimensions of the face a little smaller, leaving space for a professional cutter to implement lots of layers/steps, creating a more perfect and luminous diamond.

Asscher Cut Diamond

History of Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher cut began with the Royal Asscher Diamond Group, one of the most prestigious and admired diamond houses in world history. Established in 1857 by a father and son who were both diamond experts, the duo developed and patented the Asscher cut which made it the world's first patented cut signature. This patent became official in 1902, and they were the only ones permitted to legitimately create the cut until drastic situations in World War II plagued their business. The Nazi regime destroyed most of what the Asscher family had built up and confiscated many of their diamonds. The family survived, but their struggle is a sign of how close the world came to losing forever the Asscher cut.

For that reason, the Asscher cut has a certain historical value. Not only was it the very first patented cut, but it was almost lost more than 50 years ago. Behind this cut is an amazing story that transcends decades of tradition and prestige, making it even more special as one of the most attractive cuts.

Asscher Cut Diamond

Factors to determine for Asscher Cut Diamond

Color Grade for Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher cut diamonds have a wide-open table, ensuring any color that the diamond shows would be extremely apparent. For your Asscher stone, we recommend that you should not go any lower than G if you want a colorless gem.

Clarity of Asscher Cut Diamond

An Asscher Cut diamond's large open table allows inclusions to be more visible since these diamonds have less sparkle than other diamonds. With less sparkle to cover inclusions, the natural beauty of an Asscher Cut is better revealed. We recommended choosing a VS2 transparency quality Asscher cut diamond or higher for this reason. A larger diamond, though, would require an even higher degree of clarity as inclusions on a larger stone would be more noticeable.

Only understanding the degree of visibility, however, isn't necessarily enough to recognize the actual consistency of the diamond. Each of our diamonds can be viewed in HD images, and you can make a more educated decision.

The Grade for Asscher Cut Diamond

Cutting is critical for the beauty and shine of a diamond. Seek to find the highest cut value inside your range to get the best sparkle possible out of your Asscher cut diamond. Only diamonds with a Very Strong Cut Quality are up to par for Sabina A's inventory and can guarantee a sufficient amount of sparkle that will give you the utmost satisfaction.

It is also important to consider symmetry for an Asscher cut diamond. Although the GIA does not give Asscher cut diamonds a cut score, as it only assigns a cut score for circular brilliant diamonds, it assigns a symmetry grade. Symmetry scores are based on the structure and orientation of facets of a diamond. There would also be more sparkle on a diamond of greater symmetry.

Carat of Asscher Cut Diamond

The diamond carat, or weight, that you go with has much to do with personal preference and budget.

Bear in mind that Asscher cut diamonds appear to look smaller face-up than other carat-weight diamond types, so you may want to go for a larger carat size. That is because a large portion of the diamond's weight lies under the girdle, or the diamond's lower half. Diamonds cut by Asscher often have a lower surface area than other types of diamonds.

Asscher cut diamond rings and bands

Asscher cut diamonds are very prominent currently as they can be seen in every type of ring ranging from engagement ring, wedding ring, or an eternity band. We also have a collection of Eternity Asscher Diamond Ring in our inventory.

1. Asscher Diamond Ring

Asscher Diamond Ring

2. Asscher Cut Diamond 2 Row Full Eternity Band

Asscher Cut Diamond 2 Row Full Eternity Band

3. Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band


These are only a couple of the key points to remember when you buy an Asscher cut diamond. Due to the difficulty involved in cutting a genuinely beautiful stone, we suggest that you make sure you work with an expert. Unfortunately, most of the Asscher's in the market from other online vendors are cut into the corners heavily or sloppily. Thankfully, our designers at Sabrina A ensure that our Asscher diamonds are of the highest quality, because a cut that shows flaws should use the highest quality diamonds.

Make sure you're selecting the best gem and go with Sabrina A’s high quality Asscher Cut diamonds.