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A Guideline to Buy A Perfect Diamond Ring and an Eternity Band For You

Eternity rings, aka, Infinity rings are the most loved children in the universe of diamond jewelry. The Eternity rings have identical cut and spaced diamonds embellished immaculately on gold or platinum bands. The passionate and ingenious arrangement with the charm of the diamond guarantees eye-catching spark, exceptional and brilliant radiance, regardless of any angle, occasion, or type of hands.

 Unique diamond rings or eternity bands are generally gifted to mark the importance of the date or commemoration of ceremonies like marriage, proposal, or engagement. Also, the eternity ring is the perfect gift to new mothers or would-be mothers. Nowadays, be it Valentines', propose, or even on your birthday, the most convenient way to make your lady love's day would be sparkling diamond eternity bands.

The trend of gifting eternity rings started 4000 years ago. According to Egyptian civilization, the husbands used to give diamond rings to their wives to express love and warmth. But at that time, more than diamond eternity rings made with bones or needs were much more popular. Later, people from the upper class and especially in royal families like Pharaoh families started to customize the rings with expensive gemstones. The first-eternity band ring exchange happened in Egypt. These rings had the shape of "ouroboros", which was a snake biting its tail. This popular symbol justified the meaning of togetherness and wholesomeness.

Just because the eternity rings or bands mark the beauty of love and bonding, it is generally observed on special occasions like marriage or engagements. The eternity engagement ring is generally worn on a particular finger of your left hand because it is believed that the vein of the finger is directly attached to the heart; that is the reason in some places it's called "Vena Amoris" or Vein of Love. Now, let's look at some shopping tips to buy the perfect eternity rings/bands: 

Decide about the diamond counts

There are mainly two specifications in diamond counts: one is a full diamond eternity ring, where the diamond is engraved fully on the metal loop; and the other one is a half eternity band, where the diamonds are halfway engraved on the metal loop. In the case of a wedding you can choose a full eternity ring but in the case of a birthday or some other special occasion, a halfway engraved eternity ring will give you a modern and sleek approach. 

Decide about the perfect eternity band setting:

There are mainly four types of setting in diamond eternity rings are Channel, Prong, Bezel, and Flush. Mainly the widely used diamond setting is channel and prong. Prong setting allows the gems to catch maximum light and increases the number of angles for capturing light, which eventually results in a brilliant spark. The channel settings are a kind of arrangement, where the diamonds are nestled with each other between the two walls of the metal shank. Bezel settings are applied in the case of solitaires, which wrap the rim of the diamond in a complete metal edging. This setting protects the stone and makes it secure for daily use. The flush setting is rarely seen on the eternity bands. It's a simple setting where diamonds fit in a drilled hole on the metal. 

Narrow down what cut or shape you want:

To choose there is an ocean of options, swimming around you. To get that one ring, you have to narrow down the choices for fancy shapes and cuts. For example: generally, emerald or cushion, halo, Asscher, or small round cut diamonds are suitable for eternity rings.  

Choose metals wisely

 14 or 18k gold could be the best choice for eternity rings, or else you can go for platinum also.

Have a carat size in mind

 Specifically, if you are selecting for engagement or wedding purposes, you can for big 2-carat center stone settings, or maybe if you wanna make it simple, you can go for simple solitaires with a bezel setting. 

Get measured hands correctly

Before checking out the cart, make sure to check your finger size, so that you don't go through the hassle of exchange or refund. 

Purchase from a trustable website

Make sure that you purchase from a trustworthy website, who has a proper exchange or return policy and also uses high-quality durable raw materials.

 Set your budget

The best price relies on the style and clarity of the stunning Eternity band. The reputable gifts do not depend on the cost, whereas all it matters is the feeling of the giver.

Always check certification

At least, in a trustable website, there are certifications attached with product descriptions. Before purchasing be double sure about the purity of stones and also if necessary reach out to them for confirmation.

In Sabrina A. Inc, we have arranged an assorted range of sparkling and versatile eternity bands/rings.

Princess Crown Ring

Crown rings are worn to feel like a queen and for the special treatment of a highness. This Princess crown ring accentuates the aura of your outfit. This 3carat princess cut diamond ring features 15 princess cut stones along with pointed ends, arranged vertically. Every diamond of this princess cut diamond ring is secured with diamond-studded outlines. This 18k gold princess cut ring could be an unexpected gift for loved ones, as it has an enormous amount of spark with minimum metal allowance. This white gold princess cut diamond ring is also available in rose and yellow gold. 

Princess Crown Ring

Baguette Diamond Band

This Baguette diamond band is a winner for the modern ladies; women who believe in long-term investment and maintaining minimalism and elegance. This baguette eternity band features some rectangular baguette-shaped diamonds, arranged vertically on the shank. The zigzag arrangement of this baguette diamond eternity band is quite alluring. This oscillating diamond baguette eternity band is also available in rose, white and yellow gold.


Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald is a stone of love, togetherness, and promise. Emerald eternity bands are generally gifted on special occasions like marriage or anniversaries. This Emerald cut engagement ring features several emerald cut diamonds with step facets arranged horizontally or in an east-west manner. This Emerald band evokes the ultimate charm of womanhood. This horizontal emerald cut eternity band is available in rose, yellow or white gold. 

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


Asscher Diamond Eternity Band

This Asscher diamond eternity band consists of diamond cuts, which belong to the emerald cut family. This Asscher cut eternity band is the epitome of brilliance, beauty, and elegance. The diamonds have an octagonal outline and also an X-shaped facet. The ingenious cut allows the diamonds to express the subdued sparkle. This Asscher cut diamond band is available in three shades i.e. yellow, white, or rose gold. 

Asscher diamond eternity band


Halo Diamond Ring

If you want a fusion look then you can for this Halo diamond ring. This 1-carat halo engagement ring features a cushion-cut 1 ct diamond in the middle, that is surrounded by several round diamonds, The shank of this cushion cut engagement ring with halo setting is also engraved with several rounds cut diamonds, which helps the ring enhance the alluring charm. This cushion cut engagement ring is available in rose, yellow and white gold.

Halo Diamond Ring

So these are our specially recommended diamond-embellished Women's Eternity rings, that can be an answer to all your queries. Also, purity is guaranteed, because all our diamonds are checked with a D secure machine, to ensure double safety.