8 Tips for Buying the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring for your significant other often proves to be more difficult than proposing marriage to them. While there are numerous styles and designs that diamond engagement rings come in, the one that you choose must be as close a reflection as possible of the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. In this article, we have listed 8 tips that must be kept in mind when choosing an engagement ring.

1. The 4 Cs: First and foremost, the 4 ‘C’s must be given special attention to whenever a diamond is bought. The 4 ‘C’s are widely considered the global standard on which the quality of diamonds is judged, and it is the easiest way for a layman to be reasonably sure about the quality of the stone they are considering.

The first ‘C’ is the color, with diamonds graded from D to Z based on the shade of the stone. While stones with darker colors are rarer, more transparent shades are considered to be indicators of higher quality.

The cut and clarity of the diamonds are the next things to consider. The quality of the cut determines how much light the stone reflects, and diamonds with clean cuts sparkle fiercely and have neat edges.

Further, the clarity refers to the absence of impurities such as blemishes and inclusions on the diamond. While most of the time these impurities are visible to the naked eye, getting the stone checked by a certified gemologist is recommended.

Finally, the Carat weight of the diamond determines the bulkiness and the overall size of the stone. Although diamond rings come in a variety of stone sizes, these considerations are at the end of the day dependent upon your partner’s style and preferences. Hence, specific attention must be given to the 4 Cs keeping in mind the personality of the person you want to marry.

 2. Style: There is an extremely wide variety of styles and shapes that diamond engagement rings come in. There are simple styles such as the oval diamond engagement ring, and more intricate ones like the marquise halo diamond ring and the 3 stone halo engagement ring.

 3 stone halo engagement ring.

Needless to say, the large variety of styles can sometimes prove to be as much a curse as a blessing, and as mentioned before it is the person you want to marry whose personality will determine the type of ring that you end up looking for. Therefore, before looking at rings consideration needs to be given to the type of style and the size of stone that will be most suitable for your partner.

 3. Budget: Well, once you have determined the type of ring that you need, it is the financials that need to be thought of. The sheer variety and the types of stones available today mean that while you can buy a decent diamond ring for as little as $2000, while more luxurious options can cost five times that.

In order to be more organized and decisive with your search, a set budget needs to be decided, and while the idea is to not overspend, buying an engagement ring is not a regular affair, unless you have a history of having affairs. In that case, the idea would be to spend as little as possible.

Generally, people often spend more money than they thought they would, and the cost is seldom regretted.

 4. The Metal: While most of the previous tips revolve around the quality and cost of the diamond, the setting metal of the ring also needs to be considered. Although most rings are either made of platinum or white gold, certain other metal options such as rose gold have also gained popularity over recent years.

The metal plays an important part in amplifying the visual effect of the stone. While a polished platinum or white gold finish adds to the sparkle of the entire piece, the rose gold option is more suitable for women who prefer a warmer tone in their jewelry.

Traditionally, engagement rings were judged on the basis of the size and sparkle of the stone, and because the silver luster of platinum and white gold complements the sparkle effortlessly, most engagement rings were set in either of the two metals.

Today, people have more active lifestyles and prefer to buy rings that can be worn on an everyday basis with all kinds of attire. Further, the distinct ability of shiny diamond rings to stand out regardless of the attire and the kind of jewelry they are combined with is often an unwanted quality, and is considered somewhat tacky. Due to this, the rose gold option has gained popularity and is a stellar alternative for women who prefer warmer tones.

5. Side stones: Even though a majority of diamond engagement rings have only one or one type of stone, nowadays choosing rings with multiple types of stones with different colors is immensely popular. One of the best things about a high quality diamond is that it works well both alone and when combined with other stone types.

The side stones might be rubies, sapphires or emeralds, and again, the decision depends upon the kind of tastes and preferences that your partner has.

 6. Certification: The aesthetics and other features of the ring aside, one of the most important things to consider while buying a diamond ring is the kind of certification that it comes with. The diamond must either have a hallmark or a digital signature of the original artist and must be accompanied with proper certification.


Diamond Engagement Ring

At Sabrina A Inc, all of our diamonds come with appraisal reports from one of our in-house certified gemologists, and all stones are 100% natural and checked with D-secure machines.

Further, all of our products are handmade, and we give special consideration to the quality of the craftsmanship and the raw materials that we use.

 7. Research: Buying a diamond engagement ring is generally a sizable investment, and to add to that are the high expectations that a person generally attaches to the ring they are proposed with. Due to this, and for the general satisfaction of making the proposal as perfect as it can become, the ring must only be chosen after careful consideration is given to all factors including the style, size, cost and the variety of retail options available.

Searching for the perfect ring and the satisfaction that comes when you finally find it is indeed a beautiful experience. The task might be difficult, but it is certainly worth the trouble.

 8. Personality: Finally, the most important thing when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner is your partner. It is his or her personality that you want the ring to portray. The engagement ring that you choose must appear perfect for your loved one from the moment you lay your eyes on it, and to help there is a humongous variety available in the market today.

Irrespective of all the tips and tricks that we can offer, past the basic guidelines that need to be considered with respect to the quality of the stone, the most important factor is to find a ring that suits your partner’s personality. If you do that, there is little scope to go wrong.