6 Jewelry Gift Ideas For Any Special Occasion

The most important phases of our lives, like marriage, childbirth, anniversary, and engagement are beautified and enhanced with some remarkable and precious jewelry. A jewelry gift is something that can last forever and ultimately becomes a symbol of an heirloom. If we search the pages of history our ancestors have left a tangible link to the culture and heritage through precious gemstones and jewelry.

As an example: we take a quick flashback to the earlier human civilizations, we can witness all the upper clans of the society like royal families had a knack for fashionable and heavy beaded jewelry. Even in Egyptian civilization, the Pharaohs used to make specially handcrafted medallions and lockets to make sure that their afterlife becomes easier and the legacy is maintained.

Talking about modern families receiving a new member calls for a grand celebration. And to welcome this new bundle of joy the families invest their time to customize the old heirloom jewelry or maybe to polish it and make it look like a new one. Jewelry is not only a materialistic thing; it has sentiments added to the design. The jewelry talks a person’s feelings out.

Diamond jewelry has created a great aura for decades when it comes to choosing the most sought-after and individualistic jewelry. Diamond as a stone carries prestige and dignity. The suave cuts and brilliant spark of diamond jewelry tells a journey to upgrade you. Because when a raw diamond is found, it has no spark and glamour. The diamond goes through loads of struggle, obstacles, phenomenon, and cuts to make it alluring and appealing.

Diamond jewelry not only decides your social or financial stability but also exudes your hidden individuality. Diamond is a unique stone because it has an amalgamation of distinctiveness, softness, elegance with a small portion of rigidity and simplicity. Diamonds have been always considered as a feminine symbol because they have the capability of extracting the victory of womanhood. In short, if there is an existing Disney world for jewelry, a diamond would be at the throne of the castle.

Diamonds are considered as earth’s one of the most impressive and subtle materials. The name “Diamond” was coined after the invention of the Greek word “Adamas”, which means unbeatable. According to some, gifting diamond jewelry to couples is a way to make their relationship strong because it signifies the innumerable passion and fire of romance. Diamonds have the most striking contours, mind-boggling coloring, eloquent attributes, luminous charm, strongest durability, and a subtle representation- which is enough to give the wearer an out of the blue experience.

Amongst the thousands of captivating features that stand out the most for diamond jewelry are the innovative cuts and the mystical radiance, which cross paths with arresting sparkle and create a delightful ambiance. The brilliance of the diamond lies in the core of the beauty. Diamond is a real jewel, which shines in dark and dazzles in a shady room. Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder and we have so much to behold in life. That is why Sabrina is here with its exclusive and handcrafted range of artistic diamond jewelry gift ideas, which can embellish your look on special occasions.

 Gold diamond bangle bracelet

Sometimes you do have a complete makeover, but it’s just a good and appealing look. Do we say why be just God when you can be awesome? No hassle is needed, all you need to do is just slay your wrist with a simple diamond bracelet. This gold diamond bracelet not only accomplishes your makeover but also gives it a wacky twist. The 14k gold bracelet is engraved with vibrant round cut diamond augments, which justifies the charm and eccentric finish of the bangle. The bracelet is strong, everlasting, and durable and contains flexibility like a ballet dancer's legs. No matter if you stack with other bangles or go solo with this simple bangle, it’s going to reflect the hyped aura and versatility.

Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Princess crown ring white gold

Feeling like a queen isn’t always about being treated with grandeur and pompousness. Sometimes simple physical representation also reflects the traits of a highness. Emphasize your regular outfit with this princess ring. The gold round melee is engraved with 15 Princess cut diamonds bordered with small round cut stones. The mirrored peak of the diamond ring provides an ecstatic and alluring charm to the outfits. This ring is full of richness and exemplary sparkle is available in all three colors i.e. white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Princess Crown Ring White Gold

Baguette diamond band

This baguette-style diamond features one simple baguette cut diamond with a sharpening edge and it is engraved on 18k gold double bands. The shine and beauty of that one piece reflect the ring’s phenomenal beauty. The baguette style ring has a significant and alluring glamour. Any girl will be intrigued to wear such a coherent and elusive ring because it indicates virtue, integrity, power, and originality. This capturing diamond ring is available in all three colors i.e. rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Clarity is not even a matter to question because all our diamonds are checked with a D secure machine.

Baguette Diamond Band

Half eternity band

This halfway eternity band is the most sought after jewelry for a special party. The round 18k gold band has 13 round cut diamonds in a half circle. This halfway band represents never-ending passion, love, and romance in a relationship. It also signifies endless companionship, perpetuity, and power. This diamond band can enkindle human emotion and feelings with its suave and captivating charm. This diamond band is an emblem of tranquility, loyalty and the honesty of the simple diamonds makes the ring gift-worthy to your loved ones. The ring with rich satin polish is available in all three colors i.e. white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Half eternity band

Emerald cut eternity band

Emerald- the stone of love, loyalty, and commitment. The serene value of emerald makes it ideal to gift on occasions like weddings and engagements. This eternity features an east-west setting of 16 glittering steps cut emerald cut diamond augments with an octagonal outline. The vertical arrangement of the diamond augments, the bold attributes, and the balanced silhouettes, makes a magical mash-up to intrigue any girl out there.

Emerald Cut Eternity Band

Heart-shaped diamond ring

Valentine’s Day will soon knock on your doors. Have you still planned anything for your beloved one? If not yet, then we have a perfect solution for you. Our handcrafted heart-shaped ring with a unique bezel setting. The ring features a small heart-shaped diamond. The 18k gold band around the diamond makes it much secure to use. Well, if your wedding or engagement is near or maybe you are about to welcome your new-born child, then also this heart-shaped diamond ring could be a suitable gift.

Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

No matter whatever trend pops up in the market, diamond jewelry will always take the front seat. The only noticeable change is that earlier people were keener to wear heavy beaded jewelry but now in our busy schedules it's all about how sleek and simple the design could be.