6 Awesome Jewelry Gift Ideas for Wife, for New Year Party

No doubt that 2020 was a tiring year and now is the time, when Santa arrives in the town with a bag of surprises and happiness. The New Year and Christmas bashes are like stress-buster for all of us. The joyous and pleasant circumstances, the playful chirps of children create a magical bliss for all of us. As this year was especially mundane to handle, so it gives you a boost to celebrate life.

But all the party bashes come with lots of confusion. Along with the party planning, there is a huge episode that goes on behind the curtain about choosing the perfect gift. We all know there is a huge ocean of gifts to swim around and sometimes the big waves bump into your body, which shifts the equilibrium of life. That is why choosing gifts should always get the primary importance and especially when it comes to your wife.

Now you must be wondering why suddenly jewelry? Because jewelry is like a darling for every woman. Hardly there will be any lady who is not amazed by the luminous charm of diamond jewelry. Diamond jewelry expresses the power of feminine strength and beauty. Diamond is so impactful that it did not even leave the most experimental wardrobe in the town.

Even Hollywood celebrities like Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Lopez had flaunted the mystical charm with an enchanting piece of diamond eternity ring. Not only in real life, but even in films also diamonds have a special place. The dynamic movie “Titanic” has created a bigger example, where the heart diamond pendant has turned the famous love and saga of Jack and Rose.

The trend of giving diamond jewelry takes us back to the ancient Egyptian culture, where husbands used to give diamond jewelry to their wives as a gesture of love and appreciation. In today’s world also it is every wife’s dream to get gorgeous diamond jewelry from their husbands.

You are a lucky man if you can guess your wife’s choice in a go, but what if someday the fortune cheats you and you get something for your wife that is completely irrelevant. As a result, there will be a storm of trouble at the year ending party, we are sure that you don’t want to see your wife sad and unhappy. That is why Sabrina is here with its versatile and assorted range of jewelry gift ideas, which can easily mesmerize your wife.

Here are some awesome Gift Ideas for a New Year Party -

Emerald eternity band

Emerald always brings us hope, truth, and novelty. Your inner positivity could be best depicted by a piece of jewelry. This new year helps your wife showcasing her pure soul through the emerald cut diamond ring. The 16 gorgeous diamonds have formed here an octagonal outline, embracing the beauty of individualism. If your old school charm of tradition is your wife’s forte then this step-cut emerald ring will woo her mind.

 Emerald Eternity Band

Circle of Life Diamond Necklace

Lovely diamonds engraved on stunning necklaces have been a great inspiration for all the women. It helps a woman to accentuate her radiance and dignity. This circle  of life diamond necklace has a sleek and trendy design. Celebrate the circle of life with this elegant circle pendant. The necklace features a thin outline, which is engraved with innumerable flamboyant diamonds. The open circle pendant, composed  of 26 gleaming round cut diamonds set in our luxury 14k white gold, is a gorgeous symbol of eternity and never ending love. Its design is perfect for everyday wear and is sure to enhance any look with its style and glow. This edgy pendant hosts an impressive 1.50 carat of dazzling white diamonds. Lovely pendant is the perfect gift for your beloved. 

Asscher eternity band

If you want your wife to boast about her beauty and jewelry at this New Year bash, then gift her an amazing Asscher cut ring. This ring features several 15 square cut diamonds engraved on a solid gold bar striving for equilibrium in fineness and brilliance. The ring also features step facet arrangements which curate an “endless hallway of reflective mirrors effect.”

Asscher Eternity Band

Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

For every husband, his wife should be the queen. And sometimes you also should make her feel like one. That’s why we suggest you purchase this subtle and poised princess crown cut ring with sharp edges, which elevates the brilliance and charm of any attire. If our wedding is also knocking on a door near New Year then this crown cut ring with a round melee will also make a good wedding ring.

Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

2.5-carat eternity band

This eternity band signifies the timeless beauty of your infinite companionship and never-ending love. If your 25th, 50th, or even 1st Anniversary is around New Year then this diamond ring would make a nice gift for your wife. The distinctive pattern is the USP of this diamond ring. It features a basket setting of the diamonds with a traditional prong setting, which holds the five diamonds from the base of the band. This 2.5 carat diamond band is a gesture to cherish the beautiful moments with your better half. 

2.5-Carat Eternity Band