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5 Stunning Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Moms- The first friend, philosopher and guide in your life. Believe it or not, but your mother must be the most patient and bothered in your house. May it be your academics, athletics or arts your mother comes with the most sorted solutions. From helping us see the light of the world, to navigate us to the right path and to hugging us at difficult times, Moms are nothing less than a powerful goddess. This Mothers’ day celebrates every version of your friend and embraces her unconditional love with some exceptional gifts.

Though any gift in this world is not enough to honour Mothers, an exquisite piece of diamond can bring a smile on any lady’s face. You might not know but so many times she has sacrificed her feelings and desire for your welfare. Now the tables have completely turned and it’s your turn now to give her everything that she deserves. From choosing your best outfit for every party to offering you the favourite food your mother slays it all in just one go. Be it creating your ridiculous Halloween outfits to throwing your hopping birthday bash, Moms always strike an equilibrium in your family.

Any kind of classic, fascinating and charming diamond earrings, pendants or necklace could be an ideal choice to please your mother. But a modern design with a tinge of traditionalism will help her remind about her old gold days. Diamonds have always been considered as one of the precious and prestigious stones. Diamond is a symbol of love, life, commitment and promises. A piece of diamond is enough to make any bond stronger.

The world is on the wheels of evolution and changes. Jewelry is also not an exception. Unlike other industries jewelry designs are also facing a drastic change. Earlier the designs were heavy, royal and chunky. But now people are keener to look for lightweight and elegant jewelry, with minimal metal appearance. The diamonds engraved on today’s pendants, rings or bracelets are generally secured for regular use. So if you are thinking about gifting something unique and distinctive on this Mothers’ day, then Sabrina has an assorted and versatile range of diamond jewelry.

Diamond halo stud earrings

This Mothers’ Day, how about embellishing her earlobes with some extraordinary piece of jewelry, just like this gracious halo stud earrings? The centre round cut brilliant diamond is surrounded by a round melee, which is embedded with 36 ingenious and glittering diamonds. The round setting of the diamond makes your dear jewelry much more secure. This is perfect if your mother loves to maintain a high-class lifestyle or if she has a busy corporate life. It will help her upgrade her daily looks. These earrings are available in all the three colors i.e. rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.

Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

Diamond chandelier earrings 

Sometimes special social events call for special ornaments. These chandelier earrings are pretty relevant and wearable for any kind of social events. These gracious earrings feature a cluster of lustrous diamonds, engraved in the entangled gold band. These kinds of earrings will remind your mother about her own era, because it has that artistic and suave touch of traditionalism.

Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Round bezel set diamond solitaire necklace

If you want your mom to dazzle all the friends, family and relatives then this round bezel necklace is the ideal choice. This serene pendant features a simple and subtle round solitaire surrounded by a round melee, which keeps your diamond safe and secure. The endurance and everlasting glam of solitaire is absolutely undeletable and that is why this necklace makes a perfect choice as heirloom jewelry. Certainly the setting is just too simple and decent, but as they say “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Round Bezel Set Diamond Solitaire Necklace

Heart shaped diamond necklace

Moms are winners in every field; even they are the best in management. Doesn’t matter if she is a housewife or a working lady, nobody can beat her in creating equilibriums. So this Mother’s Day conveys your heartiest congratulations to her for all that she has achieved. Surprise her with this dashing and stunning heart shaped necklace. This necklace features a heart shaped diamond guarded by a gold shank. The necklace is available in all the three colors i.e. white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace

Pyramid Bracelet Gold

Diamond bracelets and bridal look is a match made in heaven. This pyramid bracelet made in gold features a unique mini pyramid facet. The square cut shapes are engraved with round cut diamonds. With this 14k pyramid bracelet give your wrist an unconventional twist and finish your makeup with a touch of gentleness and mystique. This 14k pyramid bracelet is also available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.

Pyramid Bracelet Gold


No matter if you are a typical diamond lover or not but you will agree on the fact that the endurance and stability of diamonds are unbeatable. Actually the story of your life and diamonds must be the same. Thinking why? Because when we find diamonds, they are raw and unfurnished. Eventually the diamonds face a lot of cuts and other phenomena to create the captivating and sparkling allure and appeal. Just like, when you were born you are just a small dollop of flesh and bones. Slowly your parents, especially your mothers train you, helps you upgrade the skills, fills your mind with wisdom and shows you the right direction to success.


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