5 Row Diamond Ring: Why Are Multi-Tier Rings Gaining Popularity In 2023?

If you live by the phrase "More the merrier," this Multi-Tier wedding ring trend is just for you! In 2022, we witnessed a galore of multi-tier rings like this 5 row diamond ring from Sabrina A. 

Experts predict this trend will only grow bigger in 2023. So why not educate ourselves about it? – This blog will introduce you to the fancy trend of multi-tier diamond rings.

Now, who doesn't love to start their day with a bit of sparkle? We know, we do. And if you're anything like us, you will love our ring collection for this season!

5 row diamond ring

Tips And Tricks To Incorporate Rings Into Your Attires

Let Them Dazzle Your Hands:

We use our hands more than any other body part. We use them while talking, gesturing, handing over stuff, eating, and typing. It is essential to make our hands presentable for this reason.

People look at our hands and interact with them more frequently than any other body part. Most people notice and try to make an impression about our personalities based on how we maintain our hands. 

Using rings, jewelry, and nail colors is are excellent ways of framing and making our hands stand out. This will also give you the confidence boost you need!

Use Them To Give Your Self-Confidence A Boost:

As mentioned above, using bold colors, rings, and jewelry to adorn your hands is an excellent way of boosting your confidence. 

Use statement rings, bangles, and bracelets to give your hands a complete makeover. Experiment with stone colors and different materials to enhance their beauty.

These small things will make a big difference, and you will slowly transform into a different version of yourself.

Coordinate Metals:

While coordinating your jewelry according to metal colors sounds exhausting… it is worth it. 

Matching metal colors will give you a general theme to work your jewelry around. It is always easy to bring together your whole outfit if you follow a color theme. 

Similar metal colors will also evenly bring out your natural skin texture and complexion. This will give your hands an extended, slimmer look, enhancing their beauty.

Find The Right Ring Type:

Once you find the right ring type and diamond shape, choosing jewelry becomes easier. 

For instance, oval-shaped diamonds will give your fingers a slender look. In contrast, round-cut diamonds will provide a fuller look. If your fingers are long and thin, round-shaped diamonds look better.

On the other hand, (pun intended) if your fingers are shorter and thicker, oval-shaped diamonds may make them look thinner and longer.

Try Pairing Us And Layering Them:

More the merrier, right? Layering your rings with other rings is an excellent way of enhancing your looks. 

Take a look through any jewelry-related Instagram account. You will find hundreds of pictures containing layered jewelry. Be it necklaces, bangles, or rings.

Diamond rings look shinier, bigger, and better when paired with other diamond rings. So, try layering your rings next time you want to make a statement.

3 Unique Diamond Bands To Try This Holiday Season:

Our unique diamond bands will most definitely steal your heart away. These are some of our recommendations for the season. –

5-Row Diamond 18k Gold Ring:

Give your loved one this 5 row diamond band for your anniversary. This 18K gold diamond ring is designed with many rows of sparkling round diamonds encircling the band. The 140 diamonds are cleverly arranged to provide a distinctive, multi-dimensional aesthetic that is captivating and eye-catching.

Round and Baguette Diamonds Double Row Band 18k Gold: 

This unique double-row band features a sparkling baguette in the middle and round diamonds embedded in the curve. It represents the merging of two hearts that have finally found one other. The traditional arrangements of diamonds are indeed stunning. Ideal for engagement and wedding bands.

Asscher Cut Diamond 2 Row Full 18k Gold Eternity Band:

With 54 square-shaped stones and two rows full of diamonds, this Asscher cut eternity band will be a lovely addition to your jewelry collection. The Eternity Band's brilliant step-cut diamonds, with their unique facet configuration and tall crown, provide exceptional brightness.

Wrapping Up:

Lastly, these multi-tier rings have a perfect trendy look that goes well with any outfit. These rings pair well or can be layered with your favorite jewelry pieces.

That said, you can get these pieces in a variety of colors. This makes them unique pieces that can be styled and matched with your personal preferences. 

Finally, let us know your thoughts on our multi-tier diamond bands. Which one of these did you love the most?