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  • 10 Most Unique Diamond Eternity Bands

    With so many eternity bands available online, the process of choosing the perfect band might seem overwhelming. It may be daunting to look at all these rings when there are so many options online, a plethora of variations in stone, metal, and style, but this guide may help you make the right choice.

    We have handpicked the ten most unique eternity bands for you, as every eternity band in this list is truly a joy to behold. Before we list these ten most unique eternity bands, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about eternity bands.

    a. What are Eternity Bands or Eternity Rings?

    Eternity bands or rings are typically gold rings with a continuous line of gemstones. These rings can be cast in any color of gold or platinum and are usually adorned with a set of diamonds as the chosen gemstone.

    Eternity Bands are quite similar to Promise Rings, or pre-engagement rings. They signify a committed relationship, love, or friendship for your partner because of its cyclical and endless style. 

    b. Which finger do I wear an eternity band?

    It is common for one to wear an eternity band on the left-hand ring finger, the same finger on which you wear an engagement ring and wedding band.

    c. What is the difference between a wedding ring and an eternity band?

    Most conventional wedding rings are a plain ring with just a solitaire diamond on it. In modern times, these rings can come in different forms, such as having diamonds placed in a half-circle.

    While the wedding ring is exchanged at the wedding, an eternity band is usually gifted after marriage, it usually has diamonds all around or in a half-circle.

    d. When can I gift an Eternity Band?

    Eternity bands can be gifted/purchased on these special occasions :

    1. Birthdays
    2. The birth of your child
    3. Valentine’s Day
    4. Christmas, Hanukkah and other holidays
    5. Celebration of an exciting career milestone
    6. Anniversaries

    e. What are the types of Eternity Bands?

    There are two types of eternity bands:

    Full Eternity Bands: These rings consist of diamonds going all around it, even on the underside. It is an absolute delight to look at as it provides a luxurious appeal with the number of diamonds set on the ring. It is not easy to resize a full eternity band since the diamonds go all around the band.

    Halfway Eternity Bands: These rings consist of diamonds in a half-circle over the face of the band. Halfway Eternity Bands can be resized easily as the underside of the ring usually contains bare metal.

    f. How do I determine the Quality of an Eternity Band?

    There three main aspects to determine the quality of an eternity band :

    1. Quality of diamonds

    2. Diamond setting

    3. Type of precious metal used, usually gold or platinum.

    g. Can I use an Eternity Ring as an Engagement Ring?

    Yes – it is becoming commonplace to use an eternity ring as an engagement ring, as it gives extra sparkle.

    Here we showcase the Ten most sensational eternity bands from Sabrina -

    1. Round Diamond Halo Eternity Band-

    This round diamond halo eternity band is astounding and beautiful, which features 12 points each, 14 brilliant round diamonds. The Halo Eternity Band in White Gold has round diamonds totaling 3.33 CTW encircled by halos of small round diamonds, going all the way around the band.

    2. Round Diamond Eternity Band -

    A round diamond eternity band is a classic symbol for everyone to see your everlasting love. The eternity band can be found in Yellow Gold, White Gold & Rose Gold colors. This band sports 3.4mm small, round diamonds encircling it, with a varying stone count based on ring size.

    3. Round Diamond Halfway Eternity Band Basket Setting -

    A half eternity wedding band showcases diamonds with the most majestic sparkle, fire, and brilliance around the upper half of the ring. The eternity band has a beautiful set of round diamonds totaling 2.50 CTW.

    The Half eternity band comes in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold & White Gold.

    4. 5 Row Round Diamond Band - 

    Multi-row diamond bands look magnificent on women with long fingers, but some band styles can work well for women with short fingers as well.

    This highly unique multi-row diamond band could be an excellent anniversary gift for your significant other. This 5-row band is embellished with magnificent 140 brilliant diamonds totaling 3.5 CTW. It is also available in all gold colors.

    5. Channel Setting Round Diamond Halfway Eternity Band -

    Another unique eternity band is the channel setting diamond band which has a specific cut channel of small, 3.00mm round diamonds with a 1.56 total carat weight.

    This eternity band comes in 3 colors - Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. The channel has a small edge that prolongs slightly over the edge of diamonds to protect them. The channel setting has a sharp design, adding sparkle and style to this unique eternity band.

    6. Baguette eternity band - 

    diamond baguette eternity band with a zig-zag style arrangement is perfect for a contemporary woman looking to dress up in a pair of jeans to celebrate her promotion or wants to add a bit of sparkle to her collection.

    The unique eternity band is available in 18k Yellow Gold, White Gold & Rose Gold. This piece looks fabulous alone or paired with a diamond ring.

    7.  Pear-Shaped Diamond Eternity Band -

    Brighten up your romance with this sensational Pear Shaped Diamond Eternity Band. This pear-shaped eternity band is so unique due to the alternating, inverted dazzling teardrop shape diamonds around the eternity band. It comes in Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold colors.

    8. Asscher Cut Eternity Band -

    The square shape, step cut brilliant diamonds in the Asscher Cut Eternity Band, with its large step facet arrangement and high crown produces exemplary brilliance. This feature creates an ‘endless hallway of reflective mirrors’ effect, truly making this eternity band unique.

    This sensational eternity band, which boasts an impressive 7.5 CTW, comes in Gold, White Gold & Rose Gold.

    9. Emerald-Cut Eternity Band -

    The east-west style diamonds aligned horizontally around the band make this step cut, Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band very unique, to create a fusion of beauty and art. This extravagant, traditional eternity band has a feminine and beautiful look and can elevate any style.

    Emerald-Cut Diamond Eternity Band

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    10. Open Diamond Eternity Band -

    The unique open diamond eternity band features a versatile open cuff design that would complement almost any engagement ring! This eternity band has 20 round-cut diamonds placed around it and includes an open cuff. You can pair this eternity band with any engagement ring.

    Open diamond eternity band

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